thumbs up, thumbs down

March 30, 2001

Thumbs up, thumbs down 4/1

Thumbs Up!To Dorothy Truax, a 79-year-old Big Pool resident who taught school for 37 years and now volunteers 15 to 20 hours a week at Clear Spring Elementary School. Devotion like this is rare indeed.

Thumbs Up!To Bob Fleenor, the Herald-Mail copy editor whose encyclopedic grasp of a ton of facts about a host of subjects, including

history, geography and literature has won him thousands of dollars on Jeopardy, the popular TV game show. We're impressed.

Thumbs Up!To Carol Mowen, the new public information officer for the Washington County schools, for stating that one of her goals will be to educate the public on the value of improving communications in the community.

Thumbs Up!To George Nalley of Mercersburg, Pa., for his continuing efforts to improve a state park built on the property where former president James Buchanan was born in 1791. Honoring those who brought the U.S. this far is a civic duty.


Thumbs Up!To Pennsylvania state senators backing a bill to get their state to recognize restraining orders issued in out-of-state domestic violence cases. A victim who flees shouldn't have to go to court twice.

Thumbs Down!To Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber who says he feels no sympathy for those whose children died in the blast. That remark alone should deny him the execution he hopes will make him a martyr. Life in solitary confinement would be more appropriate.

Thumbs Up!

To Tri-State Area school officials, who are treating every threat made by a student as a real possibility. Suspending a few of these young goofs for a year might teach classmates that this is no joking matter.

Thumbs Down!To the short-sighted members of the U.S. Congress, who want to block the Northeast Dairy Compact because it might cost constituents a few cent per gallon for milk. Wait 'til those folks get the bill for new roads needed when bankrupt farmers sell out to developers.

Thumbs Down!To those parents who engaged in thuggish behavior during a Easter egg hunt held by Washington County's MIHI -Many Individuals Helping Individuals. Every time we think the human race is evolving...

Thumbs Down!To Hillary Rodham Clinton, for co-sponsoring Sen. Arlen Spectter's proposal to tighten the rules governing disclosure about presidential pardons and those who are lobbying for them. It's a little late in the day to play the reformer, isn't it?

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