Sheriff's deputies ask for raises

March 27, 2001

Sheriff's deputies ask for raises


Two Sheriff's Department employees asked the Washington County Commissioners Tuesday for salary increases for all uniformed employees, a move that could cost the county more than $800,000 in next year's budget.

About 100 Sheriff's Department employees, some in uniform, were in a Sheriff's Department meeting room Tuesday morning when the requests were made on behalf of detention center, patrol and judicial employees.

Commissioners President Gregory I. Snook promised that the commissioners would consider the request as they work on the budget. He said he had no estimate of when they would respond to the requests.


Among the requests:

-- Detention Division employees want next year's wages increased to match this year's pay levels of uniformed patrol and judicial deputies.

That would cost the county about $500,000, said 1st Sgt. Richard Blair.

In the last fiscal year the county gave uniformed officers of the Patrol and Detention divisions an average increase of 10 percent while detention center employees received a raise of about 3 percent.

It would take raise of 7 percent or 8 percent for all detention employees for those workers to be at the same level, Human Resources Director Alan J. Davis said. Actual salary increases were not included in this portion of the proposal.

- Patrol and judicial deputies want next year's wages increased so they make 90 percent of the present salaries of Frederick County Sheriff's Department employees.

That proposal would cost about $248,850 for the patrol division and $57,862 for judicial.

If the proposal were approved, raises would range from $1,212 to $9,066.

Deputy 1st Class James Cooper, in one of two packets of information given to the commissioners, expressed concern that if the proposal were not approved, some Washington County deputies would take higher paying jobs in Frederick County.

He noted that Frederick County is looking for 22 deputies and allows its deputies to take cars home even if they live outside Frederick County.

Sheriff Charles Mades, who introduced the speakers, said afterward he endorses the proposals because he doesn't want to lose employees.

Patrol and Correctional deputies want their wages for the next fiscal year to be set at 90 percent of the wages paid to Frederick County deputies this fiscal year.

Under the proposal, the county would continue to pay deputies 90 percent of the prior year's wages of Frederick County in future years.

The county's patrol deputies make an average of 81.4 percent of what their counterparts are paid in Frederick County while judicial deputies are getting 80.7 percent of the equivalents, according to documents submitted to the commissioners.

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