Mail Call for 3/26

March 26, 2001

Mail Call for 3/26

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"Well, here it is Friday and our spring cleanup stuff is still sitting, or should I say blowing all over the street. Our day for pickup day was supposed to be Wednesday. I called the city and they said the same thing they say every year when it's not picked up on the day it is scheduled to, 'we are running behind.' I called them on Thursday and I told them that in the first block of North Mulberry, refrigerators were blowing over and other stuff was blowing all over the street. She said she would send them down, well guess what? It is still there. Come on, Mayor Bruchey, you are supposed to be trying to clean up this town. But now you are letting the city trash it, because they aren't picking this stuff up when they are supposed to. Get with it Bruchey. Hire extra men to come in and help. I would rather pay extra help instead of spending more money to clean the entire town up because stuff gets blown and thrown all over town."


"I am a bus driver calling in response to the sarcastic person complaining about no school delay on Wednesday. It is called safety first or better safe than sorry. If the board didn't delay and the bus would have an accident, you would be complaining about that, too. Maybe you should come and drive a school bus so you can understand why the board makes the decisions they do. If you haven't realized that there is more to a county than just your town. If it is not bad in your area, it might be bad in other parts of the county."

"Well, Mr. Bush, presidential appointee, the stock market is already down 270 points on Thursday. It would be nice if you had any leadership skills, you might come out and say something to reassure some people and inspire some confidence. Instead, you don't even know what to say. You keep ignoring it and hoping that the problem will go away. I don't think that is going to work. I figured along with the other 51 percent of the voters, who said that you weren't up to the job and it is starting to show."

"In Monday's paper there was an article about a woman who was found quilty of animal cruelty, for letting nine cats die, while in her care. All she got was 50 hours community service. This is nothing compared to the torture those cats went through before they died. Animal organizations and the Humane Society are trying to make it a felony if you are convicted of animal abuse in Maryland. I certainly hope that this law goes through."

"I am looking for advice or an area where I can go to get visitation to see my child. My ex-girlfriend uses our child for distortion purposes. I would like to have feedback from readers about what I can do or where I can go to get visitation."

"To all the people who are complaining about school being delayed. Remember some of our buses run in the mountain area. If you are in question about the weather, get up at 5 in the morning and see what the weather is up there. I have lived up there before, we have had four inches of snow up there and Hagerstown has had nothing. I have been there and done that and until you walk in those shoes, don't complain about what other people are doing."

"Come on people stop talking about this two-hour delay. It is done and over with it. It is time to think about spring. Stop whining. Get a life and leave what is done and over with, alone."

"To the person who is worried about posting no bicycle and no skateboard signs. Why don't they open a park, where they can ride their skateboards and bicycles instead of having 20 soccer fields over at the Fairgrounds."

"I say go Penny Nigh, get in the council and show them what it's about. She is down to earth, on our level and she can do it."

"I agree, how about opening a Krispy Creme. We need a good coffee shop."

"We would like to wish Ed and Phoebe a happy 39th wedding anniversary. They live in Williamsport."

"I wanted to say that the Cookie Jar in Downtown Hagerstown has two very nice ladies that work there. Stop in and say hello to Patty and Debbie."

"I am trying to see if anyone out there would know the words to the commercial 'Mr. Clean' A lot of people say that it is on Channel 56. I cannot ever seem to find it. I just need to know what the words are. I know how the song goes, but I just need to know the words."

"I want to say that I appreciate Rev. Parks and his wife. They have been so good to all of us. At Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, they always send us a basket, bring us a meal. They know that some of us cannot make cookies, pies and cakes and stuff like that. I know that God has sent them to us and I thank them very much. You are angels."

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