Local Roundup - Altoona defeats Chambersburg

March 25, 2001

Local Roundup - Altoona defeats Chambersburg


CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Altoona's Josh Ebersole hit a wind-blown, two-out RBI triple to right field and scored on Scott Chirdon's single giving Altoona an opening-day 7-5 win over Chambersburg in eight innings on Saturday.

Andy Stottlemyre pitched the first seven innings, striking out 11 and allowing no earned runs as Chambersburg committed five errors. Chad Braniff, who picked up the loss in one inning of relief, keyed the offense with two hits, including a double, and an RBI. Josh Carter added two hits and Matt Carr had two RBI for Chambersburg.



Chirdon and Pincherri; Stottlemyre, Braniff (8) and Witter; WP-Chirdon (1-0); LP- Braniff (0-1).

Waynesboro 8, Martinsburg 3

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Eli Rock's three-run double highlighted the Indians' five-run sixth inning in a victory over the Bulldogs.

Rock, Adam Caron and Ethan Rager all had RBI doubles in the third inning for Waynesboro. Jerry Weatherald had two hits and an RBI.




Walther, Bartley (4), Gano (6) and Twigg. Devlin, Rager (5), Freelove (6) and B. Kirkpatrick. WP-Devlin (1-0). LP-Walther.

Walkersville 8, FSK 0

WALKERSVILLE, Md. - Derek Krantz had two hits and three RBI, while Bill Ruch struck out six to earn the win for the Lions. Mike Mullenix and Robby Dodd added two hits. Walkersville.

F. Scott Key0000000-041


Schildt, Rabbette (4) and Maloney. Auch, Rilley (7) and Dube, Dorsey (6). WP-Auch (1-0). LP-Schildt (0-1).

Berekeley Springs 8, Goretti 4

Derek Rankin had a two-run single and John Szally added a double for the Gaels (0-1) in a season-opening loss.

Berkeley Springs0034001-8103

St. Maria Goretti0210001-461

McClintlock, Mills (3) and Schetrompt; Aden Hart, Carter (5), and Staubs. WP - Mills; LP - Aden Hart

P. Falls 10, Hedgesville 6

POTOMAC FALLS, Va. - Brandon Burkhart went 2-for-4 with an RBI for Hedgesville in a loss to Potomac Falls.



Runkles, Edwards 95), and Dunham; Pittman, Almond (4), Watkins (5), and Todd. WP - Watkins, LP - Edwards (0-1).

SJPH 8, St. Marys-Reiken 1

LEONARDTOWN, Md. - Jason Law pitched a complete game for St. John's-Prospect Hall with seven strikeouts as he improved to 1-1. Joran Wilson had three doubles for the Vikings (3-3).



Law and Cutchin; Boden and Fitzgerald. WP - Law (1-1), LP - Boden.


Boonsboro 12-18 Smithsburg 2-4


Cougar Classic

at Shenandoah Junction

Jefferson 4, Warren Co. 3

Singles-1. Thomas Jones (W) d. Arthur Ebeling, 8-2; 2. David Bradshaw (J) d. Tommy Patteson, 8-6; 3. Dustin Carr (W) d. Eric Duewel-Zahniser, 8-6; 4. Casey Vogler (J) d. Josh Moran, 8-5.

Doubles-1. Ebeling/Bradshaw (J) d. Jones/Patterson, 8-4; 2. Carr/Moran (W) d. Duewel-Zahniser/Vogler 9-8 (6); 3. Justin Blanc/Chris Bonacorda (J) d. David Parishan/Jeff Thomas, 8-3.

Handley 7, St. James 0

Singles-1. Matt Stillwagon (H) d. Ryan Moul, 8-6; 2. Thiago Cunha (H) d. Jamie Holzapfel, 8-0; 3. Brad Stillwagon (H) d. Seth Moul, 9-7; 4. Evonn Hicks (H) d. Jonathan Ketzner, 8-5.

Doubles-1. M. Stillwagon/Ethan Hicks (H) d. Holzapfel/Marek Rokosh, 8-0; 2. Cunha/Ev. Hicks (H) d. R. Moul/Ketzner, 8-2; 3. B. Stillwagon/Sloan Kukyendall (H) d. Jae Lee/Benedict Leung, 8-4.

Warren Co. 4, St. James 3

Singles-1. Jones (W) d. Rokosh, 8-0; 2. R. Moul (SJ) d. Patteson, 8-3; 3. Carr (W) d. Holzapfel, 8-3; 4. S. Moul (SJ) d. Thomas, 8-1.

Doubles-1. Jones/Patteson (W) d. Moul/Moul, 8-3; 2. Carr/Moran (W) d. Holzapfel/Ketzner, 9-8 (6); 3. Lee/Leung (SJ) d. Thomas/Parishan, 8-6.


Handley 6, Jefferson 1

Singles-1. M. Stillwagon (H) d. Ebeling, 8-2; 2. Kunha (H) d. Bradshaw, 8-3; 3. B. Stillwagon (H) d. Vogler, 8-6; 4. Et. Hicks (H) d. Blanc, 8-1.

Doubles-1. M. Stillwagon/Et. Hicks (H) d. Ebeling/Bradshaw, 8-4; 2. Kunha/Ev. Hicks (H) d. Duewel-Zahniser/Vogler, 8-2; 3. Blanc/Bonacorda (J) d. B. Stillwagon/Mimbabah Troung, 9-7.

Records-Jefferson 3-1, St. James 0-2.


Cougar Classic

at Shenandoah Junction

Jefferson 7, Warren Co. 0

Singles-1. Ellen Brosh (J) d. Valerie Wells, 8-0; 2. Erin Lynch (J) d. Allison Biggs, 8-0; 3. Ashley Portray (J) d. Lisa Mazantti, 8-0; 4. Jessie Welsh (J) d. Rebecca Jenkins, 8-2.

Doubles-1. Brosh/Lynch (J) d. Wells, Mazantti, 8-0; 2. Portray/Welsh (J) d. Biggs/Chelsa Swenson, 8-0; 3. Jennifer Kastle/Amber Fellers (J) d. Jenkins/Marie Kane, 8-1.

St. James 7, Hedgesville 0

Singles-1. Julia Hager (SJ) d. Jessica Clarke, 8-3; 2. Emily Hilton (SJ) d. Alicia Bryant, 8-0; 3. Nicci Small (SJ) d. Lauren Penwell, 8-4; 4. Courtney Holzapfel (SJ) d. Tasha Deneen, 8-2.

Doubles-1. Nisha Nathan/Jen Kim (SJ) d. Lyndsey Leatherman/Keri Jackson, 8-5; 2. Claire Saylor/Kristen DiGirolamo (SJ) d. Jenna Novack/Kerri Giaff, 8-3; 3. LaToya Montgomery/Dana Urhart (SJ) d. Deneen/Valerie Bishop, 8-6.


Jefferson 7, St. James 0

Singles-1. Brosh (J) d. Hager, 8-1; 2. Lynch (J) d. Hilton, 8-5; 3. Portray (J) d. Nathan, 8-1; 4. Welsh (J) d. Kim, 8-3.

Doubles-1. Brosh/Lynch (J) d. Hager/Hilton, 8-0; 2. Portray/Welsh d. Holzapfel/Small, 8-1; 3. Kastle/Fellers (J) d. Nilson/Ketzner, 8-4.

Third-place: Warren Co. 4, Hedgesville 3

Records: Jefferson 4-0, St. James 1-1, Hedgesville 0-2.

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