thumbs up, thumbs down

March 23, 2001

Thumbs up, thumbs down 3/24

Thumbs up!

To the Washington County Commissioners, for matching the Hagerstown Council's $20,000 contribution to the cash-starved Community Rescue Service. It's a first step to a long-range solution.

Thumbs up!To the late Quinter "Buzz" Baumgardner, a Washington Township Supervisor for 13 years until his death March 20. He was most proud of the fact that the township accomplished a lot without raising taxes while he held office.

Thumbs up!To the Iowa farmers participating in a new federal program to grow crops that could be burned to generate electricity. It makes sense, because food crop prices are down, while energy prices are rising.


Thumbs up!To Mary Harris, 90, and other residents of the Loyalton assisted-living center near Hagerstown who spent time recently packing box lunches for those who use the REACH cold-weather shelter. Volunteers are valuable, at any age.

! ! !To anyone who knows anything about the disappearance of Justin Hayduk of Chambersburg. Pa., missing for more than a week after visiting friends. Please call 1-304-284-7454 with any information.

? ? ?To state Sen. Alex Mooney, R-Washington, Frederick, for opposing the Maryland's "Smart Growth" policy because he says its limits on suburban growth keep poor folks trapped in the inner city. And where will they get the money to move?

Thumbs up!To former president Bill Clinton, who, for at least a week now, has managed not to do anything ridiculous that would distract citizens from paying attention to more important matters.

Thumbs up!To Joey Chojanacki, the Hagerstown firefighter who, along with others, climbed a ladder and entered a burning building to save the lives of seven people trapped inside. Too often citizens forget what dangers firefighters face.

Thumbs up!To the West Virginia House Education Committee, for approving a proposal to set up a school violence hot- line that would be manned by live operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Thumbs down!To Thomas Menei of Charleston, W.Va., who pled guilty to assault, but said he hit the victim in the head with a bottle because he didn't know she was really a woman. Isn't that the worst excuse for a crime you've ever heard?

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