Letters to the Editor 3/21

March 21, 2001

Letters to the Editor 3/21

New laws, not new uniforms are the answer

To the editor:

Regarding the proposed bills in Maryland for civil commitment of sexual predators with mental illness and personality disorders, I would like to express my support of any law that would ensure mentally ill criminals get the help they need, so that they will stop committing crimes against children and women.

I was very surprised that Del. Sue Hecht's proposed bill, "Christopher's Law" was killed again this year. I'm not sure that most of our representatives who work in Annapolis can understand the seriousness of the problem that this bill was attempting to alleviate. Especially when Western Maryland gives them a perfect real-life example of the consequences of no treatment and no programs for mentally ill sexual predators serving sentences in Maryland prisons.

Also, I cannot understand the argument that it would cost Maryland less money to let a prisoner diagnosed with schizophrenia and other personality disorders be released from prison without any treatment.


I only wish that our representatives and the citizens of Maryland could hear these prisoners talking about how their impulses for violence and sex are bottled up for years while they are "behaving" for the Divivion of Corrections. The explosion of these impulses is inevitable when they are finally let free.

I just heard that Maryland will be phasing in prison uniforms over the next five years at a tremendous cost to the Maryland taxpayers. Do the local correctional officers agree that uniforms will make it easier for them to do their job in the prisons on a daily basis?

I think that it might make things more difficult for them to identify the inmates they are responsible for. I am wondering if the expense for the inmate's uniforms was deemed higher on the list of priorities by "us?" I would like to know who made the decision that paying for prison uniforms was more beneficial to "my community" and the innocent children and women who will have no way to protect themselves against the untreated mentally ill, bottled up, impulsive, sexually violent predator.

Mary Bostian


Great campaign

To the editor:

Recently, a ceremony was held to announce the results of the Maryland Charities Campaign. This year, Maryland state employees pledged more than $3.8 million to their favorite charities. This was an increase of 24 percent over last year. Officials expect Maryland to have the biggest increase for employee campaigns of all 50 states.

The four prisons of Western Maryland raised more than $63,000 for area charities; Maryland Correctional Training Center contributed more than $19,000. This would not have been possible without the support of MCTC staff and the businesses of Washington County.

On behalf of Maryland Correctional Training Center, I would like to thank the following businesses for supporting our campaign: The Grill at Park Circle, Martin's Dual Highway, Martin's Pennsylvania Ave., and Sheetz, South Potomac Street. Your help made our campaign a success and added to the funding of many deserving charities.

J. Michael Stouffer



Teeth matter

To the editor:

We want to thank everyone who was able to come and learn about overall pet health through the attention to proper pet dental care. February was National Pet Dental Health Month and the message that "Dental care shouldn't be like pulling teeth" is vital for all to hear. So we at Animal Health Clinic of Funkstown had an Open House on Feb. 10 for dental month.

During the dental demonstrations on a sweet Rottweiler "Leah" and "Rocky" a domestic short hair cat (that was rescued by local firefighters, Fred Cole and friends last year) we were educated to the importance of dental hygiene for all our pets.

Our staff had fun meeting new friends. Our technicians were kept busy placing disclosing solution on our furry friends' teeth to have a visual of tartar build up on the teeth. It was very educational day for all involved.

Virginia Scrivener

Animal Clinic of Funkstown

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