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March 20, 2001

Letters to the Editor 3/20

Parents are the problem

To the editor:

Many of the problems we face today can be traced to one thing: lack of parental guidance. Things ranging from school shootings, unwanted pregnancies and drug use can be attributed to this very reason. We do not supervise our children like we should. We do not teach them values. We do not teach them respect. Remember, our children are not our friends, they are our reponsibility.

We rely on weak role models for our children when we should be the role models in their lives. We as parents often "cave" to children. We let them do things that should not be done until they are mature enough to decide for themselves. These may include things like tattoos and body piercing.

We as parents not only have the right but also have the responsibility to decide what is best for our children. This includes the kind of music they listen to, even the way they dress. Why as parents do we condone our children listening to vulgar music or dressing like street thugs?


Our nation has become obsessed with worrying about what other people think, including our children. Are we afraid that they won't find us "cool?" So what! Parents have been uncool since the beginning of time. It comes with the territory. If we sincerely care about our children then we should not be afraid to bring them up properly.

How can children respect other people when they don't respect their own parents? We can't always be there to supervise our children but we can minimize the times we are unable to. We can teach them to be respectful and responsible. If you are a parent and circumstances prohibit you from being with your children, as in a divorce, you should still do the best to see that your children are being raised properly.

You can do a lot to see that this takes place. I see young children wandering out of their own neighborhoods late into the night, their parents not having a clue as to their whereabouts. How many of these school shootings would have been prevented if some careless parent or individual had not left a gun accessible to the child? Go the extra mile, take the extra time and most of all show your children love. These methods are not always guaranteed to work but in most cases do. Give your children as much attention as you can spare and don't be afraid to say no.

Rob Butler


Theater offers great entertainment

To the editor:

Last year, I vacationed at Ocean City Maryland in September. As the weather didn't cooperate, I visited a new theater on one of the evenings. The live entertainment was great, and it was hard to sit still. I have been to Branson, Pigeon Forge, etc., and this new establishment is very similar.

At the conclusion of the show, while talking to one of the performers, I discovered it certainly is a small world. I'm from Boonsboro and was very surprised to learn that he also is a Boonsboro native. Twins, Troy and Toby Henson graduated from Boonsboro High School. They should be very proud of their achievement, at such a young age, of building this rustic styled theater. They have something for everyone: Pop country, rock and roll, gospel, patriotic, etc. On the night of my attendance, there were two Greyhound busloads of New Yorkers in attendance. It was very evident that young and old alike were having a wonderful time.

If you travel to Ocean City, I highly recommend the Ocean City Jamboree located at route 611 and 12600 Marjan Lane (next to Elliott's Hardware) just before you get to Ocean City. You can book your seats early by calling the box office at (410)213-7581 or visit them at

Ronnie Ford


An alternative to knit caps

To the editor:

I would like to respond to the letter of Robin L. Ryan, RNC. She requested hats be made for the infants born at Washington County Hospital. When I worked at a hospital 35 years ago, we used the tubing that they use before a cast is put on. We would put it on the head, measure the right amount add a little and tie it in a knot on top of the infant's head.

Wouldn't getting hats made from the public expose the infants to unnecessary germs? God knows what the general public could transmit to the infants. Unless every hat was sterilized in the autoclave wouldn't they carry germs?

I am willing to buy a box of sleeves for casting, to use for hats. They are not pretty but a lot safer. Maybe you can recruit a box or two from organizations as a project.

Alice Hawks

Greencastle, Pa.

Trouble brewing

To the editor:

In the last few weeks I have given George Bush an opportunity to show how he would act on issues. However, I still cannot bring myself to refer to him as President Bush, because he was appointed as president not elected by the people.

I served in the U.S. Army in Europe from 1941 until 1946, and I know from experience good from bad, and I certainly do not see any good in the future.

R. I. Holder

Southern Washington County

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