Mail Call for 3/19

March 19, 2001

Mail Call for 3/19

"I am surprised that the persons that had the signs posted near the schools that read 'Drug Free School Zone' wouldn't have come up with a sign that says 'Firearms Free School Zone.' Since the drug thing worked so good, maybe we should try the firearms thing. Wouldn't you agree?"

"A few days ago, someone put something in Mail Call about Native American Indian Month. I would like to know why this paper doesn't put in some history, as the schools do not teach this as of today or in the past. I have always wanted to know what the tribes were in this area. The Indian Springs and Millstone area and I know that they have lived in the Cavetown and Smithsburg area. But I do not know where to go for this information. I would like the paper to put something in so we can learn more about our history. I also think that the children would learn a lot."


"Congratulations to all the Lowe's employees that worked at the Home Show at HCC recently. You guys from Lowe's did an exceptional job. You made the show very enjoyable. Thanks for a job well done."


"Thanks, Mr. Bush, for bringing on a recession. You talked about it enough that you brought in on. The economic statistics showed that it did not happen on Clinton's watch. Could it have been because of a lack of confidence because of the crooked election that we had? For all of you people out there who voted for him, don't be crying about being out of work, if you are working class. If you are a working class that voted for Bush, you are getting what you voted for. We have a president and we have a lot of people that voted for him, but it was not a majority. The rest of you that are living like high-rollers, you are going to end up in bankruptcy court. I hate to see it, but its going to happen. Instead of recession, you might get a depression."

"I have heard it all. I just read where two General Assembly members in Maryland voted down the proposal to keep sex offenders out of mental institutions. Why protect these kinds of people and give them all the rights in the world? We do have the death penalty in Maryland and I suggest that we use it."

"To the one who said that they had a solution to school violence, bring back the paddle. I would like to say that you are treading on thin ice, if you ever say that in public, in this day and age. Because the Child Protective Services with their methods would have you pulled into court and maybe even put in jail. You are subject to being in prison if such should ever be had. Furthermore, you can just point a finger at someone and they could call Child Protective Services and you could be in trouble."

"I am calling in response to the person who said that spanking should be back in the schools. I think some of the teenagers are out of control, but some people think that all teenagers are out of control and they are not. A lot of them are active in their community and their families and friends. I think the parents should spank their kids, not the teachers. They should allow the Bible and prayer back in school."

"My son has burned several holes in our carpet. Can someone tell me how to repair the holes without having to replace the entire carpet?"

"Thanks for the article about the college downtown, but everyone already knows that it is going to be a flop. Maybe they can have the Civil War re-enactment classes down there in five years when they finally get it? Then maybe two people in the entire county could get a lifetime job with the Civil War museum because that is all it is going to amount to."

"I am looking for someone in the Frederick Street area that sells Avon."

"Just wanted to comment, please don't ever get rid of Tim Rowland. His column (last) Sunday and Monday were priceless. Thank you."

"For the person who wanted to cook a hamburger in a short period of time. First of all, you don't cook it, you fry it. I suggest that you use a blowtorch."

"I want to know how meteorologists can keep their jobs? They can't predict the weather. Only God knows what the weather is going to be. They are wrong too many times."

"I read where the Board of Education wants to raise an umpire's pay to $48 a game. A game lasts roughly two hours. That is $24 an hour. On the other hand, substitutes in this county are only paid $10 to $12 an hour. Somehow here, this just doesn't equal out."

"In response to the person who wanted to know why there was a two-hour delay the other week of school. Boonsboro had gotten two and a half inches of snow. What was the matter, did you not want to deal with your own kids for an extra two hours?"

"To all the people complaining about the economy going down. It started going downhill a long time before now. It started about a year ago, if you read the statistics. Get smart people."

"Allen Powell needs to get over the election results."

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