Discover our local rainbow of businesses today in Focus

March 19, 2001

Discover our local rainbow of businesses today in Focus

Did you know that right here in the Tri-State area there's a company that manufactures magnetic locators used to help surveyors determine property boundaries?

Or a company that makes devices that measure air flow to test the permeability of materials in everything from parachutes to oil filters.

Have you been searching for someone who would board your dog, cure your snoring or construct a replica of your house or business?

Looking for someplace to have a meal, a bagel, a cup of hot coffee or a game of billiards?

Information about companies large and small that can serve you, surprise you, improve your quality of life or help you get something done can be found in Focus, The Herald-Mail's annual edition that takes a look at businesses in the region.


The six sections of Focus 2001 packaged with today's Sunday paper are full of information.

The themes of the Focus sections change each year. This year, reporters wrote stories based on the general themes of Downtown, Shopping, Having Fun, Caregiving, Builders and Cutting Edge.

Some of the stories take serious looks at specific businesses, while others were written with a lighter touch.

Some stories introduce us to businesses we weren't aware operated in the area, or to new ones that just opened. Others renew our acquaintance with businesses we've patronized for years.

Throughout Focus, since we couldn't write about every business in the area, we have included graphics with basic information about area companies. The information in the graphics came from businesses in response to questionnaires sent out by The Herald-Mail.

The preparation for Focus begins months before its publication date and at some point involves every department at the newspaper.

Focus is preprinted, two sections at a time. The last two sections came off the press Thursday, and for most of us the job was over.

Today, it was up to the carriers to see that it reached homes, stores and vending boxes.

We'll do it all over again next year, selecting different themes, writing about different businesses, their owners and employees.

Those of us who had a hand in producing this year's edition hope that you will spend some time with Focus 2001, read a story that interests you. Maybe even learn where you can find, say, a pink flamingo or buy nails by the pound.

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