Williamsport town briefs

March 14, 2001

Williamsport town briefs

Williamsport Mayor John W. Slayman on Monday presented the town's monthly Community Service Award to Williamsport resident Dan Branthaver.

In early March, Branthaver apprehended a man whom he said he caught stealing items from his car, and held him until police arrived, Slayman said.

Deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Department were quick to respond because they were already in the area investigating a call from another Williamsport resident whose car had been burglarized, Slayman said.

"We have to give kudos to the Sheriff's Department," Branthaver said upon accepting his award.

The Williamsport mayor, assistant mayor and two council members will be sworn into office at 7 p.m. March 15 following their wins in the March 5 town election.


John W. Slayman will be sworn in for a fifth term in office. Councilman Walter W. Tracy Jr. will take the place of outgoing Assistant Mayor James Black. Councilwoman Roxann Long will be sworn in for a second term, and newcomer James McCleaf will fill Tracy's open council seat.

The first meeting of the Williamsport chapter of the Police Athletic League, or P.A.L., will be held at 6 p.m. April 7 at the community building in Byron Memorial Park.

The gathering will feature a pizza and movie party.

Free membership in Williamsport P.A.L. will be open to all youth ages 8 to 17 throughout the county. Members must follow safety and behavioral rules to stay in the program.

P.A.L. membership applications can be obtained at Town Hall in Williamsport, and should be completed and returned prior to attending the April meeting.

Williamsport Assistant Mayor James Black bid farewell to fellow town employees on Monday as he prepared to turn his seat over to Councilman Walter W. Tracy Jr.

Tracy will be sworn in as assistant mayor on March 19 after winning the seat without opposition in the March 5 town election. Black was not eligible to run for re-election because he has moved outside town limits.

An emotional Black thanked Williamsport Mayor John W. Slayman for having enough confidence in his abilities to ask him to run as his assistant mayor in the March 1989 town election.

The two have seen the completion of many worthwhile town projects, and their friendship has grown stronger through their years of town service together, Black said.

He also thanked town workers from the street crews to the town office employees, who have always greeted him with "cheerful and smiling faces."

He commended his fellow council members for "putting up with me for 12 years. I know it wasn't an easy task."

Slayman gave Black a Community Service Award for his dedicated service to Williamsport citizens.

The Williamsport Town Council decided Monday to wait until the April work session to revisit plans for a town-run curatorship at the historic Springfield farmhouse.

After months of trying, the town received no bids to renovate the dilapidated structure to the town's specifications within three years in return for living in the building for 10 years without paying rent.

Town Clerk Donna K. Spickler recently sent 120 letters to prospective bidders selected from a pool of about 300 people on the state's list of potential curators. Seven informational packets were mailed, but no bids were returned, Spickler said.

Deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Department worked 168 overtime hours in Williamsport from October through February, according to a Sheriff's Department report.

The deputies investigated 25 criminal incidents and 35 complaints and issued 33 traffic citations, according to the report.

No arrests were made.

The Williamsport Town Council on Monday voted to pay the town's bills.

February vouchers tallied about $156,259.85, according to the town's financial report for the month.

The balance of the town's general fund checking account through February was about $65,000, the balance of the money market fund was about $5,167.04, and the total income for the month was about $175,000, according to the report.

The report also took into account two CDs, valued at $333,081.35 and $22,008.86.

- Andrea Brown-Hurley

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