Mail Call for 3/14

March 14, 2001

Mail Call for 3/14

"On March 2, after visiting my mother in an out-of-area hospital suffering from a heart attack, I had the sickening opportunity to witness a driver speeding on Marsh Pike in a 25 mph zone hitting my dog and killing him instantly. Yes, I was at fault for him getting out of my yard, but you could have stopped. I know what the car looks like. Please drive by again so I can get your license plate number. Can you say hit-and-run?"

"In regards to school shootings, I agree with the person who said the kids need to stop picking on each other because that is why this keeps happening. That is true, maybe if enough kids shoot each other, then people will learn to stop picking on each other then maybe nobody will go around killing each other."

"I want to thank Antietam Cable for putting Fox News on TV. It is about time that we see the right side instead of the left side all the time."



"I was surprised when I read in the paper that the Police Corps was interested in moving into the YMCA building on North Potomac Street. I thought the reason the Y was relocating was because the building was in such bad shape? For this reason, I think Zion Reformed and John Wesley Churches should buy the property, knock down the building and erect a parking deck. This would certainly help membership, as there is no place to park near the church, unless of course, you like to walk."

"I read where someone was complaining about the schools having a two-hour delay last Thursday. If he or she would have been out on the road, you would have seen icy patches all over the place, plus the higher elevations had snow. My opinion is this, let the school board handle the kids and you people stay out of it. If it saves one child's life or keeps another from being injured, it is worth it."

"I would like to know why the school board is sending parents of chronically ill children letters about the children missing school? These children have doctors excuses and the school knows about all of their problems. Half of the time, the children miss school because the school is calling the parents to come and get them. This makes the parents and the children feel guilty and belittled, which they don't need. They have enough, just dealing with the illness."

"To the person who called about living in West Virginia and having the freedom of doing what they want to, I can imagine that."

"I am calling about the Williamsport election. It seems like I did not receive a notice that the disabled would not get a ballot to vote for the mayor and council of Williamsport. I had a stroke, I have kidney trouble and I could not get to the ballot box and nobody called me or left me a ballot."

"To the lady that wanted to know if someone was selling Popular Club. I have phone number for them, 301-665-3866."

"To the woman who saw the robins down in Keedysville and only a couple of them down in Funkstown and she is concerned about it. Yes, it is very disturbing."

"I want to congratulate Wal-Mart for not letting that dog ride in the handicapped cart. I also use a handicapped cart and I don't want to put my food, cosmetics or anything else in a cart where a dog rode. That was her choice to have it there, someone could have stayed home with that dog. Thanks Wal-Mart."

"Every week I notice listed in the paper of a few old men who have solicited prostitutes. My feeling on this is, this in no way affects my life, if they want to get a disease or what have you, let them. What does affect my life is the dirt and filth in this county, the trash, the litter, why don't they spend more time taking care of people who are making our county a hog pen, than two old men who want prostitutes?"

"I enjoyed reading the principal's letter that he put in the paper about the teachers. I had a son, they picked on him. We have some good teachers and principals, but then we have some bad ones. Put the prayers and Bible back in schools and prayer back in the homes and you will see a difference. I feel bad for the parents who lost their children in those schools. We need these Bibles back in school. Back in school 65 years ago, they gave us Testaments on the first day of school and they need to do this again."

"The fines have been increased by the SPCA. It could cost you hundreds of dollars to get your strays back. Put enough identification on your pets, so that when they are found, you can be found and the pets won't have to be turned over to the SPCA to stop them from being killed. It puts those of us who have found animals, in a terrible bind, knowing that we have to contact an agency that could easily put them down before you even get to know that they have been found. Please put something on your animals, so we can call you, not the SPCA."

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