Tractor-trailer leaks fuel

March 13, 2001

Tractor-trailer leaks fuel


photo: RIC DUGAN / staff photographer

Fuel leakA tractor-trailer rig hauling ice cream leaked diesel fuel for two to three miles from Hagerstown into Halfway after hitting a metal construction plate Monday afternoon.

Hagerstown Battalion Chief Ron Horn said the driver hit a metal plate on Wilson Boulevard at Guilford Avenue at 3 p.m.

The impact ripped a hole in a side fuel tank under the driver's seat, he said.

Hagerstown Fire Marshal John Hersh was driving nearby and noticed that the tractor-trailer was leaking fuel. The rig's driver continued on Wilson Boulevard, left onto Virginia Avenue and then right onto Halfway Boulevard, Horn said.


With lights and sirens flashing, Hersh pulled the rig over on the right shoulder near Food Lion, Horn said.

Maryland State Police Trooper Russ Plante, who was at a minor traffic accident nearby, went to scene and helped Hersh stop the vehicle, said Plante.

Firefighters from Hagerstown, Halfway and the Washington County Special Operations Unit spent more than an hour spreading an absorbent on the fuel spill.

"We call it kitty litter," said Horn.

Diesel odor filled the air as fire police officers directed traffic away from areas of the spill where firefighters were working.

The trailer leaked a few hundred gallons of diesel fuel, Horn said.

Horn said the fuel trail was a danger to motorists because it made the roadway slick.

"They go to stop and they can't," after driving through a diesel spill, said Horn.

Maryland State Highway Administration workers were expected to help clean up U.S. 11, firefighters said.

The name of the driver was unavailable.

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