Funkstown town council briefs

March 13, 2001

Funkstown town council briefs

Tax rate to remain the same

The Funkstown Town Council voted Monday to retain the current tax rate of 55 cents per $100 of assessed value for the upcoming year.

Wagon train committee member invites participants

Craft vendors are needed to participate in the annual wagon train, which will roll through Funkstown on May 12 during the National Pike Festival, according to committee member Tom Wetzel.

Wetzel told the Town Council Monday that the event is scheduled for May 11, 12, and 13.

He said the wagon train will get under way in Clear Spring on Friday and arrive in Funkstown on Saturday. On Sunday, the wagon train will head out for Boonsboro.

The trip from Clear Spring to Boonsboro covers nearly 40 miles along much of the original road known as the National Pike.


Those riding on the wagon train will set up camp at the Funkstown Park, he said.

The wagon train will host a bluegrass band and square dancing entertainment and would welcome any interested craft vendors.

Mayor Robert Kline said those wishing to participate can contact town hall.

Wetzel said he heard rumors that last year some members of the event didn't clean up after their horses before moving on.

"Most people clean up after themselves but there's always a few that leave piles of horse manure," said Wetzel.

He said he would be responsible for any animal messes that haven't been cleaned up.

Wetzel said the wagon train event will include about 15 to 20 wagons and 30 horseback riders.

Animal ordinance reading approved

The Funkstown Town Council approved a first reading of the Washington County animal ordinance.

Mayor Robert Kline said he anticipates the council will approve the ordinance at a subsequent meeting.

Mayor meets with Sharpsburg's new mayor

Funkstown Mayor Robert Kline said he recently met with Sharpsburg's new Mayor Sidney Gale and has spent some time getting to know him.

"He's a very nice gentleman," said Kline.

Fire Department to host health and safety fair

The Funkstown Fire Department will host a health and safety fair on May 12 for adults and children.

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