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March 12, 2001|By Don DeArmon
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Now to an individual living in or near Flintstone, who for some unknown emotional reason is totally against trapping: This individual has come up with the ultimate way to control wildlife, be it a fox, raccoon coyote, etc. This lady would build a varmint-proof fence around her property, and or catch the varmint by hand and shove birth control pills down their throats. Come on lady, get a life. What you need is mangy or rabid fox to visit your property. Then you might change your mind and even call a trapper.

I would add, as mentioned by the lady in Flintstone, that the State of Washington did lose the right to trap. A referendum vote was financed by a group of animal rights fanatics, and the right was lost because, again, a large city (Seattle) outnumbered the rural people and simply outvoted them on a matter they knew nothing about. The vote was a losing 54-46 vote.


This is the way the animal rights fanatics are winning the several states they have won. I would add that at the same time, Oregon had a similar referendum vote brought on by the rights fanatics, but because the State of Oregon is more rural, the animal rights groups were soundly defeated and the sportsmen retained their rights to trap by a 60-40 vote.

I guess the only additional thing I would have to say, come what may, is to my fellow sportsmen and women, you had better get off your tails and support and attend your local hunt clubs and voice your opinions, especially to your elected officials, and vote. It does not take a Rhode's scholar (we had one of them in the White House) to see what the present state administration is trying to do with your guns and then your hunting. Believe me, hunting is next, closer than you think, no doubt starting with bow hunting. Wishing you good hunting and trapping while you can.

Harry Edwards

Allegany-Garrett County

Sportsmen Association

Lavale, Md.

Paper maintains anti-conservative bias

To the editor:

Conservative and pro-life readers need to be aware that there is nothing new at The Herald-Mail when it come to fair treatment of issues of interest to us.

The Herald-Mail is forever telling us that they are an impartial, unbiased, advocate for the reader and reader interests, and provide balance by providing equal space, and that they care about the things you and I care about.

But it is all lies. What they do is not what they say. Unfortunately it appears that Executive Editor Terry Headlee is following in the footsteps of his predecessor Gloria George in protecting and advancing the liberal agenda. Conservative and pro-life story ideas need not be submitted!

For example, I recently submitted a pro-life article entitled "From Hand to Heart" about the 16th birthday of the small plastic model of an 11- to 12-week-old unborn baby that most of us pro-lifers know about and appreciate.

This life-size model, about 2-1/2 inches long, visually illustrates the humanity of an unborn baby even at that young age. Over 3 million have been distributed around the world by pro-life groups.

The story told about how Dave and Bonnie Obernberger conceived of the idea to create the model called "the Young One," the English translation of the Latin word "fetus." How they also created a wallet-sized card describing some facts about the baby at this early stage of development - its heart has been beating since 18 to 25 days after conception; brain waves are detected at about 40 days.

The baby squints, swallows and can make a fist, has finger prints and can kick. The young one is sensitive to heat, touch (feels pain), light and noise and sucks its thumb. All of its bodily systems are working. Yet the baby weighs only about 1 oz and is about 2-1/2-3 inches long. Most troubling is that it is at this stage that most are killed by abortion.

The story also told of how this plastic model had been useful in the lives of some to prevent abortion and several touching stories were included.

Sadly, The Herald-Mail publishers don't want you to know the whole story-at least not from the pages of their liberal leaning paper. Where are conservative editors when you need one? Now I know why no one has called!

I am sure my conservative, pro-life friends share my disappointment in Headlee. We had hoped for better treatment from him. If you would like to read the entire article for yourself it can be found in the January 2001 issue of Focus On The Family magazine.

Edward L. James


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