Sharpsburg rescuers deliver surprise baby

March 11, 2001

Sharpsburg rescuers deliver surprise baby


SHARPSBURG - For the second time in Jamie Burker's short life, he surprised his mother.


The first time was when he was conceived and his mother, Kristin Short, realized she was pregnant seven or eight months later.

The second time was on Feb. 24 when Jamie arrived earlier than her mother expected and was delivered at home by Sharpsburg Area Emergency Medical Services staff.

"I didn't know I was that far along," said Short, 21.

Short said she had cramps throughout the day on Feb. 24 but went to an anniversary party as planned.

She came home around 1:30 a.m. and went to bed only to wake at 2:00 a.m. when the cramps became severe and her water had broken.


"I was in a lot of a pain," she said.

Her boyfriend and the baby's father, Jamie Allan Burker, 23, was quick to call 911 and paramedic Fred Shawley and emergency medical technician Frank Galvin arrived within minutes.

"When I came in, I could see the baby was crowning," said Shawley.

With no time to waste, Shawley, 39, prepared to deliver the baby at Short's Sharpsburg home.

He called for backup and was assisted by emergency medical technicians Amy Snowden, Darryl Benner and Sharpsburg Ambulance Chief Lester Bussard.

His last at-home delivery was about seven years ago, said Shawley.

The event was emergency medical technician Snowden's first on-site delivery.

"I was excited and nervous," she said.

Short had to deliver the baby without an anesthetic since there wasn't time to make the 20-minute ride to the hospital, Shawley said.

During the 30-minute delivery, Shawley said he realized the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck.

"It was a pretty scary moment," said Short, who also has an 11-month old daughter, Karsyn Burker.

Shawley said he reached around the baby's neck and gently pulled the cord free, knowing that the situation was life-threatening.

He handed scissors to the baby's father, who proudly cut the cord, said Shawley.

Shawley tickled baby Jamie's toes. Jamie cried and started squirming, he said. Jamie weighed in at 6 pounds, nine ounces and was 19 inches long.

Short didn't she know she was pregnant because she didn't gain much weight and still had her monthly cycle.

Both mother and son are doing fine.

"He's my little miracle baby," said Short.

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