Animal Control Authority to meet

March 08, 2001

Animal Control Authority to meet


A newly revived Washington County Animal Control Authority will soon meet for the first time in five years, County Attorney Richard Douglas said Thursday.

The Washington County Commissioners, after two years of discussion and 20 drafts, narrowly adopted the revised county animal control ordinance on Jan. 30.

In part, the ordinance clarified the role of the Animal Control Authority, giving it more guidelines and more power to address residents' complaints.


The County Commissioners on Feb. 20 appointed five members to the authority:

- Daniel A. Murphy, the Hancock mayor and the town's only veterinarian. He will meet the ordinance's requirement for a veterinarian on the board. He serves a three-year term.

- Farm Bureau President Gerald Ditto, representing the agricultural community. He will serve a two-year term.

- Thomas M. DiGirolamo, a Hagerstown lawyer. He is serving a three-year term.

- Kelli Jean Flook of Hagerstown. She is serving a one-year term.

- And Rollan Myer, Jr. of Hagerstown. He was appointed to a two-year term

The authority must have a veterinarian, a lawyer and a representative of the agriculture community.

At the first meeting, authority members will elect a chairperson to serve a one-year term, Douglas said.

A date for the first meeting has not yet been finalized, Douglas said.

During discussions about the ordinance, a Washington County Humane Society representative wondered if it would be difficult to find a vet willing to serve on the board, based on concerns about time constraints, Douglas said. The Humane Society enforces the county's animal control regulations.

Murphy said he quickly volunteered to serve on the board.

"I don't know what they based their apprehension on," Murphy said. But, he said, "As veterinarians we have a responsibility."

He is looking forward to his term on the board, he said.

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