Overington releases results from citizens poll

March 07, 2001

Overington releases results from citizens poll

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Del. John Overington, R-Berkeley, released the results of his annual citizens poll this week.

Of the more than 430 people who responded, 81 percent opposed the expansion of gambling in West Virginia, Overington reported.

Ninety-four percent of those polled favored telemarketing legislation that would allow people to have their names added to a "do not call" list.

Other results reported:

-- 74 percent voted in favor of a W.Va. 9 bypass around the north side of Martinsburg.

-- 91 percent supported strengthening trespassing penalties for illegal use of ATVs and restricting their use on state-maintained roads.

-- 77 percent wanted a noise ordinance, possibly implemented by county governments, to control noise disturbances such as barking dogs.

-- 81 percent favored reinstating the death penalty for first-degree murder convictions.

-- 60 percent opposed eliminating the electoral college and having the president elected by popular vote.


-- 63 percent opposed strengthening the seat belt law to allow police to stop and cite drivers whose only violation is not wearing a seat belt.

-- 90 percent opposed allowing convicted felons to vote in elections.

-- 90 percent opposed raising state taxes to fund additional or expanded programs.

-- 92 percent favored maintiaining current welfare limits at a maximum of five years of benefits.

-- 79 percent favored right-to-work legislation that would end required union membership at any workplace in the state.

This is the 17th year Overington has conducted his citizens poll.

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