Mail Call for 3/6

March 06, 2001

Mail Call for 3/6

"In the first block of North Mulberry Street, when the streets are being cleaned by the city and they put signs up, it says that cars will be towed away at owner's expense. How come they were not towed away? The cop told us that they don't have enough tow trucks to do that, they only give them a $10 ticket. Another thing, they should not put that on the no parking signs if they are not going to enforce it. I think they should be towed away because we waited long enough for them to be cleaned and now it is still dirty in front of our house because there was a vehicle there."

"For anyone looking for the Dale Earnhardt Special Commemorative Sports Illustrated Magazine. I got my copy at Books 'N Things at Long Meadow Shopping Center."

"I want to request all the people who voted for Bill Clinton to seek out anyone they know who voted for Bush and Dole and apologize to them."


"I like the new format of the paper other than the business section being stuck in with the sports. What was interesting was the Out & About article, especially the one about the lady who worked in Hollywood and graduated from high school in 1975. I found that fascinating because I can see half of my generation graduating in 1974 and left Hagerstown because it was a nowhere place. I stayed away for many years, the only reason I came back was to care for an elderly relative, who is now 87 years old. I don't know how long they are going to live. I don't want her to die or anything but I can guarantee you that as soon as that estate is settled, I will be back out of Washington County again."

"Another write-up for Dr. Moody, you see Dr. Moody, nobody can fill your shoes. Stay with us, we need you. Virginia, nobody can fill an office with care and love like you do. Your smile lights up the entire room. Lisa, you have a way of turning a bad day into a good one. When awards are given out, I think Hagerstown should be make a special award for these three special angels."

"To the person blaming Bush for inflation. Where have you been? I was paying 32 cents for a doughnut before Bush took office. Also, I paid less for a gallon of fuel when Bush took office, than I did the entire last year of Clinton's presidency."

"I need to know how many junk cars you can have in your yard without the tires and stuff on before you can consider it an eyesore. Who can I contact in the community to get these people to straighten up their yards? Someone let me know."

"I am calling about the person who was complaining about standing in line at the Community Free Clinic and I don't agree with the person who called in against her. If you are paying for these services, you wouldn't put up with standing outside in the freezing cold rain. People act like because you are getting it free anything should be able to happen to you. If you have the money, you are respected; if you don't have the money you are not respected and you shouldn't complain about anything. That is what's wrong with this country now, the money people will find that if you don't have money, who cares."

"For the woman in the little red car with the handicap tags. I am sorry that I gave you the Dale Earnhardt turn signal, but this is from the little green truck that you ran into the curb. Pick a lane and stay in it."

"I wanted to report that I seen three robins on my front lawn. Right here in town, I hope spring isn't too far away."


"I was visiting a friend in Keedysville the other day and I counted 47 robins in one hours time. I went back home to Funkstown and I only saw two for the rest of the day. What is happening?"

"I graduated from Hagerstown High School from 1947. The yearbook that I received at that time is gone. If someone has one that they don't need, call Mail Call."

"What a headline, 'Principal arrested in prostitution sting in city.' That is awfully embarrassing to him and his family and the other people in there, they must be having a hard time right now. Use a little common sense here, to bring it out in the paper, it is just terrible. Sure these things should be in the paper, but not in the headlines."

"Would someone do something about the traffic problem on Dual Highway where you make a left onto Eastern Boulevard. The traffic that is supposed to yield the right of way to the people with the left hand arrow and it goes from two lanes into one. People do a lot of speeding on that road and cut you off when you are in the one lane."

"This is for the impatient individual who doesn't like to wait in line, dress appropriately for the weather. But if you don't want to wait in line for health care, pack your bags and relocate to Canada. If you are willing to stand in line and get the last Beanie Baby, you ought to be willing to stand in line and get free health care. If you don't like it in this country, take it up north."

"If anyone might know when and where the nearest Knitters Guild meets in our area, please leave a reply in Mail Call."

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