DAR Good Citizens awards: Rebecca Sodergren

March 06, 2001

DAR Good Citizens awards: Rebecca Sodergren


South Hagerstown High School's Rebecca Ann Sodergren, 18, re-enacts Civil War battles.

"Without our heritage, we have no culture," says Sodergren, daughter of Richard and Tammy Sodergren.

Her essay emphasized the necessity of preserving heritage.

She shows her appreciation in other ways, too.

As founder of her school's history club, she and fellow members paint model soldiers and simulate battle tactics.

She enjoys being active at her church, hiking on battlefields and reading historical and science fiction.

Her favorite book, "The Killer Angels," is based on the Battle of Gettysburg.

Deborah Donoghue, who nominated Sodergren for the award, says she admires Sodergren's "quiet dignity, reminiscent of Thomas Paine or Thomas Jefferson," coupled with a tenacity, such as in pursuing all available scholarships, which produces results.


While Sodergren thinks leadership is her strongest attribute, Donoghue said patriotism is the teen's strongest qualification for the award.

Sodergren would agree that patriotism means a lot to her - loyalty to our country, standing up for what our country believes in, even if it's unpopular, and little things like standing respectfully during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Sodergren takes her duties as a citizen seriously. She says our duties include active involvement in keeping our communities clean and safe and fulfilling our civic responsibilities, such as jury duty.

She thinks America's duty to the global community is to take care of less fortunate nations and to support peace.

Sodergren has been in the band at her school for four years now, first playing the clarinet and now the trombone. She is treasurer of International Club and is involved in the National Honor Society and student government.

She hopes to attend University of Maryland, College Park, and if not accepted as a freshman, plans on attending Hagerstown Community College for a semester and transferring to Maryland. She plans to double major in history and education and minor in political science and wants to teach American History and then retire into politics, probably on the school board or in local government.

Elizabeth Suh is a senior at North Hagerstown High School.

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