Pooch prefers the high life

February 28, 2001

Pooch prefers the high life


photo: JOE CROCETTA / staff photographer

Molly on roofHALFWAY - Some dogs beg for attention, but Molly, a 3-year-old beagle/German shepherd mix, climbs for it.


Molly, Janet and George Tracy's dog, has been creating a stir in the Greenberry Hills community ever since she discovered how to climb onto the roof of George Tracy's mother's home.

The 40-pound Molly, who has beagle coloring, seems to enjoy sitting and sleeping on the roof of the ranch-style house and its carport, said Janet Tracy.

"She goes up there, lays down and suns herself," said Janet Tracy.

Molly catches the attention of motorists, some of whom slow down to get a good look and, in some cases, double back, she said.


About four people a day knock on the door to tell those inside that there's dog on the roof, she said.

Some people, fearing for Molly's safety, have called police and the Washington County Humane Society, according to Janet Tracy.

"People see her up there and panic," she said.

From the front of the house, it's hard to tell how Molly makes it up to roof, said Janet Tracy.

When police and animal control officers stopped by, Janet Tracy showed them how Molly gets on the roof and explained that she does it on her own accord.

"They just laughed and left," she said.

The roof of the house is 10 or 12 feet from the ground and has a slight slope.

Molly gets up there by climbing onto a low portion roof that is about a foot of the ground and resembles a ramp. From there, she climbs on top of the car port or the house depending on whether there are animals or children playing nearby she wants to watch, said Janet Tracy.

The roof is covered with asphalt that has a gritty texture, making it easy for Molly to walk across it without slipping.

"She's smart enough not to jump," said George Tracy.

When Janet Tracy first saw Molly on top of the house she was alarmed.

"I said 'Molly what are you doing up there?'" she said.

The Tracys said they aren't afraid Molly will fall and see no reason to stop her from climbing onto the roof.

"She looks like a cat," said George Tracy as he watched Molly walk on the roof Wednesday afternoon.

Although Molly had accompanied the couple to Phyllis Tracy's home in the past, the dog apparently never before had the urge to climb onto the roof, he said.

At her home in Raleigh, N.C., Molly has a habit of climbing to the top of hills, said Janet Tracy.

Molly wagged her tail and barked occasionally at a passing bird or a pedestrian but was mostly calm as she sat or walked on the roof Wednesday afternoon. She struck a pretty pose for a photographer and two teenage rollerbladers who stopped to look up at her.

The Tracys arrived in Washington County on Feb. 17 for a two-week visit with Phyllis Tracy. They plan to return home today, Janet Tracy said.

The couple theorized that it must have just dawned on Molly that she could get on the roof after seeing George Tracy climb up there to make repairs.

"She must have thought if I can walk up that slope, she can do it too," said George Tracy.

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