HCC studies dormitory project

February 27, 2001

HCC studies dormitory project


Hagerstown Community College is considering building a dormitory on campus to house from 150 to 300 students.


Carl Galligan, dean of student services, said Tuesday that student housing could help boost enrollment and retain students. The college currently does not provide living areas for students.

"It is definitely an enhancement to recruitment," he said. "I think in a controlled environment your retention would be improved."

About 2,500 students are enrolled at HCC this semester, and about 1,900 of them are Washington County residents. About 450 students come from outside the state, while 74 live in Maryland, but outside of Washington County.

College officials, who discussed the project at the Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday afternoon, said the plan was in its preliminary stages and a final decision had not been made.


"We are still very much in the study stage," Galligan said. A proposed cost had not been discussed.

Galligan said the college is considering three sites on campus where the dormitory could be built, including on the 118 acres of land the college purchased in 1999. That land is off Robinwood Drive near the Robinwood Court Apartments.

The other two possible sites are near the athletic fields and behind the Kepler Theater.

If the project were to be approved, he said the college would consider concerns from residents living near the dormitory.

"There is some negative fall-out with the incidents happening in the dormitory ... primarily on the weekends," Galligan said.

The dormitory would geared toward students of traditional college age.

College officials would have to look into hiring additional staff to oversee the building, which could include a director of housing, security, custodians and other personnel.

"There are some very real staffing concerns," Galligan said.

Hagerstown Community College is a two-year institution that provides instruction in the liberal arts, science and technology, continuing education, developmental education and special certificate programs.

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