Herald-Mail team wins Braingames title

February 25, 2001

Herald-Mail team wins Braingames title


MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A team composed of Herald-Mail employees showed its brain power Sunday by taking first place in the fourth annual Braingames fund-raiser for the Literacy Volunteers of the Eastern Panhandle. The Herald-Mail team was called, "Swords for $200, Alex."

Forty-seven teams tried to answer 100 questions in the areas of geography, literature, history, math and pop culture during the competition at the Air National Guard Armory in Martinsburg, W.Va., said Therese Hess, Literacy Volunteers executive director.

The Herald-Mail team came up with the right response 78 times, tying with the Bakerton, W.Va., Brainiacs.

The newspaper's team came out on top after picking the correct number out of hat in lieu of a bonus round, she said.

"In the end it was luck and not brains," said Hess.

Hess said they hoped to raise $2,500 for the charity which assists adults to read and write English.


The Herald-Mail team was comprised of reporters Marlo Barnhart, Julie Greene, Andy Schotz and Scott Butki, copy editor Bob Fleenor and special-section editor Dave Thompson.

A veteran of Tri-State trivia competitions, Barnhart said she was glad to find a use for the team's extensive knowledge of random facts.

"The first two rounds were like taking a history exam in college," she said.

"It's funny the things you remember," said Barnhart.

Subsequent rounds involved more questions about current events, Barnhart said.

She said her team was amazed when Fleenor came up with the correct answer to the question: Which U.S. President other than John F. Kennedy is buried at Arlington (Va.) National Cemetery?

Answer: President William Howard Taft.

As winners of the Braingames, the Herald-Mail teammates were awarded individual trophies to go along with their bragging rights.

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