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February 23, 2001

Letters to the Editor 2/25

Strange way to communicate

To the editor:

First we had the confusion over whether or not the Washington County Board of Education had approved upgrading the community relations position to that of public relations.

Bartlett says one thing and Marie Byers states the opposite. I note that one of the "new" duties will be writing speeches for the superintendent. Surely, at his pay grade and with his education, the superintendent should be capable of writing his own speeches.

I am further appalled at the salary scale scale for this position. Most if not all of the teachers in Washington County will never achieve the base salary after a career in teaching. Lastly, the board didn't have the courage to discuss the issue at their regular public meeting. I wonder why?


Next we have the confusion over whether or not eliminating the 16 Project Challenge teachers was ever discussed by the board. The superintendent "could not be reached for comment." Once again, I wonder why.

Perhaps the superintendent and board members need to hire a consultant to teach them how to improve their memories and to improve not only their external, but internal communications.

George Anikis


Speak up for personal care

To the editor:

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is now in the act of putting together its current budget. One priority of small, but important note, is the matter of increasing the public subsidy for economically deprived personal care home residents from $26 per day to a critically needed $60 per day.

As recently as the last legislative session, three supporting bills were introduced, but died in committee. Without this State Personal-Care Home Supplement to a resident's Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI), there is untold hardship in the provision of adequate care both to the consumer and the care-provider.

As our aging population increases, so does the need for appropriate funding for the quality of care for those whose resources are very limited and who are at great risk health-wise. There is so much futility and concern with the distressing options.

This urgency distates that each of us should voice our support of such legislation with our state senators so that there is greater awareness of this need to take positive action in the budget; a bill that is passable. True, there are other issues which need to be considered, but our state legislature needs to understand the importance of caring for our senior citizens.

The bottom line: Contact your state senator now and lend your support to this pressing need. Time is of the essence.

Charles A. Mack

Chairman, House Committee

West Chester, Pa.

Ice rink says thanks

To the editor:

On behalf of the entire staff of the Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex, I would like to thank the Hagerstown and greater Tri-State community for their overwhelming support for the Kacie Fath Benefit Skate held on Jan. 6, from 2 to 5:30 p.m.

Starting at 1:30 p.m., people started arriving. And within 45 minutes, we had admitted more than 245 participants. Customers were lined up out the door and down the sidewalk! Even though the building was packed and the ice rink was very full, everyone was very patient, understanding and supportive of the goal of that day's skate.

The Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex was able to donate $476 to Kacie and her family to help offset her medical bills. Rink patrons also contributed $38 in cash for Kacie. In all, $514 was donated to the Fath family. This amount would not have been possible, again, without the support of the entire community.

I would like to personally thank the rink patrons who generously donated their time and money, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Boppe for their donation, the students of Greenbrier Elementary School, and all students, families and friends in the Tri-State Area who came to skate that day. Special thanks are also due to WQCM radio for donating commercial time, the Pickett newspaper, Antietam Cable Television and all the local radio, newspaper and television stations which either provided public service announcements or same-day coverage of this important event. Also, thank you to the Fath family, especially Gloria Kline, for allowing us to help you family in a time of great need.

Kacie, we hope you are doing well, and we hope to see you back at school very soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family.

Debbie Smith

Executive Director

Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex

Lockup binge is hurting country

To the editor:

I hope your paper is involved at exposing America's incarceration binge. Here's another factious fracture from the felon front:

The new Lobbyist Coalition of Pennsylvania is laying the foundation for inmate representation. Disband the parole board is the battle cry:

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