Letters to the Editor 2/21

February 23, 2001

Letters to the Editor 2/21

Police were in the right

To the editor:

On Thursday, Feb. 15, 2001, The Herald-Mail printed a letter titled "Story sides with police." It was in reference to the fatal accident on Interstate 81 recently where a West Virginia deputy sheriff was killed. This is without a doubt the most outrageous letter I have ever read. The writer, Jorma Keto, is either grossly ignorant, dislikes police, or both. I suspect the last one to be true.

In his article he states that The Morning Herald's reporting of the incident was heavily biased toward the police. Well, let's look at the facts, Mr. Keto. The police car was traveling southbound in the southbound lanes of I-81. Now, I wasn't there, mind you, but I think you'll find that most of the other cars were doing roughly the same thing that day. The Subaru, on the other hand, was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of I-81 at the time of the accident. That kind of driving is generally discouraged on I-81.


Later in his article, Keto implies that the police vehicle could have been speeding due to their "privilege to drive at high speeds under the guise of being on duty." There has been no indication that the police vehicle was speeding. In order to satisfy you, I suppose the reporting should have been "maniac police officer speeding down highway strikes 19-year- old kid."

Mr. Keto, your agenda is very clear. You have an ax to grind with police in general and you have a chip on your shoulder.

A police officer died in the line of duty as a result of this accident. Does this matter to you at all, Mr. Keto? If you are so cold and callous as to not care about him, do you care anything about his family?

I feel sorry for people like you. You're not to be disliked, but pitied. The Herald-Mail did not present any bias whatsoever. They simply reported the facts. They then reported the police officer's funeral details, as well they should have.

Apparently, you have a problem with that, too, according to your article. Police officers put their lives on the line every day. They do this for everyone, including people like you, Mr. Keto. The police officers weren't at fault in this accident. A 6-year-old could understand this.

Dennis P. Leatherman


Of course tax cut benefits the rich

To the editor:

The Democrats have offered us no relief in the federal taxes we all are overburdened with. And now that we have a president proposing a tax-cutting package that will save us money, those same Democrats try and make us steaming mad over people who have earned millions more getting a larger portion back.

I am sick and tired of hearing Democrats say the tax cut plan gives more back to the wealthy. Of course it does; they earn more. Duh! It is what is called fair.

Do the math, Democrats! George Bush is offering us $250 or so of our own money back. The only thing slick Willie Clinton gave us was the largest tax increase ever, plus mud in our faces, which is still being flung our way.

Folks, it is okay to pardon a fugitive who owes the U. S. treasury something like $180 million. But what are the Democratic leaders complaining about? Why are they hollering loud and clear over the tax cut we may end up with?

And by the way, Mr. and Mrs. Democrat, the surplus money does not belong to the government to do with it as it pleases. No, it belongs to the citizens.

What everyone needs to do is remember how the Democrats have attempted to divide people by class over the tax cut, remember it each and every time they go to vote in the future.

Garel Hauver


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