Feb 18 blast

February 20, 2001

Blast from the Past

Week of Feb. 18, 1951

Identification cards are being issued to the county's more than 71 special deputy sheriffs. The reason, of course, is one of identification and establishes the authority of the deputy to participate in any emergency that may arise.

Theodore N. Gochenour and Raymond W. Crum, both of Hagerstown, have devised a detachable pouch that fastens over the visor of a vehicle and contains compartments for papers, maps, cigarettes, pencils and just about everything else drivers want at their fingertips. They have applied for a patent on the device.

A preliminary report of the United States Census Bureau, based on the recent national tabulation, shows that Hagerstown has more living accommodations for its residents to population than have most communities.

Week of Feb. 18, 1976

The $5.70 per hour starting salary for carrying and sorting the mail apparently proved attractive to the more than 1,200 applicants for positions at the Hagerstown Post Office. The Hagerstown Post Office employs 163 people.


A city woman was bitten on the finger by a squirrel after she tried to remove the animal from her basement, city police said.

Police said the squirrel was brown and had "a bushy tail."

For more than 2 1/2 years all eight incorporated towns in Washington County and the City of Hagerstown have been in apparent violation of a Maryland election law requiring municipalities to provide absentee ballots for qualified voters. This discrepancy is expected to end in the next month, thanks to a uniform absentee ballot for county towns developed by a committee of the county Municipal League.

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