Letters to the Editor 2/18 Part 2

February 16, 2001

Letters to the Editor 2/18 Part 2

Sen. Mooney's hypocrisy

To the editor:

Alex X. Mooney's middle initial must stand for "X-treme." He calls the inauguration protesters "obnoxious" and then boasts about how proud he is for the role he played as a protester in Broward County (Herald-Mail, front page, 1/21/01).

That's "X-treme" hypocrisy in my book.

Gerald Jennings


No board is a bad thing?

To the editor:

Nothing recommends passage of the bill before the current Maryland General Assembly that would expand the scope of bargaining with teachers as much as Paul Bailey's assertion that if such a bill were to pass "there wouldn't even be a need for the board of education."

Austin Gisriel


Bad feed comes home to roost

To the editor:


Several years ago, I was very happy to be helping a farmer's wife gathering eggs on a large poultry farm. The couple running the chicken production ranch didn't actually own it, they just ran it for somebody else.

I already knew that chickens can peck each other to death, especially if they are kept in close quarters. But it seemed to me that every time I turned by back, the "family feuds" would start up again, and there would be another dead chicken to carry outside.

A few days later, there was quite a large pile of dead chickens, so I asked the farmer's wife what she was going to do with them.

She explained that when the manager came once a week to pick up the eggs, he also took the dead chickens to use in the feed. This meant that even if the chickens had been dead for a long time, their entire bodies, feathers and all, would be cooked and become a "protein" source for more chicken feed.

I'm sure that most chickens would prefer to have a few tasty bugs and worms for dinner than to eat the embalmed, reconstituted body parts of their dead relatives. The hormones and antibiotics that are also routinely included in most American livestock and poultry feed definitely increase an animal's weight, but what does all that do to the rest of us?

To a farmer who has grown up on that very same farm, a few extra pounds on the animals he raises may actually be the deciding factor in whether he keeps that farm or loses it, and nobody seems to give a damn.

The meadowlarks have stopped singing for most farmers in America, but if we would all just put our money where our mouth is, these agri-business czars might throw in their towels and call it quits. Even French farmer and jailbird Jose Bov says it's all for the birds, and I don't think he's such a dumb cluck, either.

Elizabeth O'Mara Anderson


Shuster props up Jeff Coy

To the editor:

In this current political climate of "Quid Pro Quo," it isn't very often we come across political figures who have integrity and principle to speak the truth about others even if they are are members of his/her own political party.

Franklin County residents should be proud because they have one such person in their midst; that being, Allen Twigg, Jury Commissioner and Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Committee.

Twigg spoke honestly about one of the "Powerbrokers of the Potomac," one Bud Shuster of the 9th Congressional District who earned a reputation in Washington for working well with Democrats. He works so well with Democrats that he sold the Franklin County Republican Party "down the river" with his support of one Democrat, Jeff Coy.

To quote Twigg, "In a Republican county, Shuster kept Jeff Coy in office. Every election, we would get a candidate, raise money, run a good campaign and then the month or a few weeks before the election, Shuster would be on the front page of the paper, opening up a road project, smiling at Coy. And he'd give Coy credit. And he did it every year. Bill Shuster (Bud's son) promised that'll stop, but it never should have started. We remember." (Patriot News, Feb. 4th, Sunday edition)

Tell me Franklin County, how many of your fellow politicians would have the guts to speak the truth and not be afraid of retribution from those within his party especially when he sees wrong doing. Not many, I'm quite sure.

Thanks, Allen, for being the kind of honest man you are. It's such a shame there aren't more like you. But then again, that's why you are the special person that God made you. I'm proud to know that I can call you my friend.

Mary Burkholder

Chambersburg, Pa.

Democrats deserve attack

To the editor:

In Jack Ebersole's letter to the editor recently taking issue with my letter outlining the flawed Florida Supreme Court rulings, he states that if I intended to "clarify issues regarding the presidential election then it (my letter) was a failure."

He then proceeds to denigrate the tone of my letter, rather than to explain how there was a failure to state the positions of the Courts clearly.

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