Mail Call for 2/16

February 16, 2001

Mail Call for 2/16

"It is a disgrace to see certain people out there who own dogs, not having them on a leash, going to the bathroom out in public and not being cleaned up by the owner. It is disgusting and is a shame. It is not the animal's fault, it is the owner's fault. Owning an animal is a responsibility. We are animal owners, too, and we treat them like a member of our family. We care about them, but we also know that when we take them out in public, it is more than just us and our dogs. There are people out there. Use your common sense, put it on a leash out in public. If that animal would go to bite someone, you could really be in trouble. If it would run out in front of a car, whose fault really is it? People need to take responsibility for the things they own."


"Well another week, another City Council meeting and no action taken to help Community Rescue. What a shame."

"Where are the foot patrol police that were supposed to be walking around on East Franklin Street and North Mulberry Street? I heard about two weeks ago, that they already started walking the downtown area. But how come I have not seen one foot patrol cop around these two streets? The drug dealers that used to be on North Mulberry, well, guess what? They are on East Franklin Street and headed back down on North Mulberry. I guess if the foot patrol doesn't come around, I will have to call Curtis Wood again."

"To the mayor of Sharpsburg: Did the town pass an ordinance to allow town officials to place large used unwanted appliances in front of their residence with 'free' signs posted on them? Someone needs a reality check. What if everyone in town did this? I am sure that the council will be investigating big time."

"My father was a railroader on the Western Maryland Railroad, so my whole childhood centered around the railroad. The big old steam engine still fascinates me. I would like to thank Mr. Henri Verdel, the artist in the Ridge Avenue Neighborhood Association, for the wonderful mural at the Burhans Boulevard underpass."

"I just learned that the owner of Krumpe Donuts passed away. My condolences go out to the family. I hope that the family keeps up the good work that he started with the Krumpe Donuts because they are the best."

"This is in reference to the Mail Caller pertaining to Mr. Bowman's request for a truck stop in Williamsport. Building this truck stop at Exit 2 right along Interstate 81, is a wonderful idea. Mr. Bowman already owns this ground and maybe Mr. Bowman didn't think of this idea, so go Mr. Bowman!"

"Someone out there in the community, tell me what is wrong with this picture. Correctional officers at the prison complex, south of Hagerstown, have been assaulted, spit on, hit, yet there are officers that will go in and play basketball and softball with the same inmates. Something is going on down there, I would like someone to figure this out for me."

"I would like to know if anyone knows anything about the surveying that is going on in Chewsville? I think it is for the sewer, but I would like to know for sure."

"To the person who called in about the stop sign being put at the foot of the hill on Prospect Street. You are right, the people that are trying to change it don't live around here, they live in the North End of town."

"Thank you to the one pizza place that delivered. I called seven places, you were the only one that delivered to Pinehill Drive late at night on Valentine's Day. Thank you."

"I am calling to try and find the lady who was looking for volunteers to test water. She lives off of Jefferson Boulevard. Give me a call, I left my name and number with you before. My name is Kevin from Smithsburg."

"More people are in hospitals in America because of alcoholism than any other factors. More highway accidents including those of deaths and crippling injuries are caused by alcoholism than any other factors. More unwanted pregnancies and child abuse, spousal abuse is caused by alcoholism than any other factor. More crime results from alcoholism than any other factor. More job and productivity losses from alcoholism than any other factor. Why aren't we doing anything about it? They were after the cigarettes, now get after the alcohol."

"I wanted to say that I have found the best sub shop in Hagers-town. It is called Quiznos. It is in the new shopping center at Weis on Dual Highway. They have the best subs and the employees are the nicest I have ever seen. Don't forget, Quiznos."

"I heard a lot of static in the article in the paper about people looking in other people's yards. This shouldn't be, I don't think this is right. Don't they have anything to do? How about telling them to stay home, do their dusting, baking or something, then they won't have so much free time."

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