Mail Call for 2/13

February 13, 2001

Mail Call for 2/13

"To the person who inquired about the School Board sending them a threatening note about their child being sick and missing days. The same thing has happened to me. If one child is not sick, the other one is. I keep getting notes sent home saying that they are going to take me to court. I do think the letter is threatening. Trust me, I work two jobs, I have three kids. I have to pay for a baby sitter when my kids do not go to school. So why would I keep them out of school for no reason? I was upset that the letter sounded so threatening. I am at the point, well, take me to court, I will take a day off of work and I won't have to worry about the threatening letters anymore."

"I want to say to Jeremy, who died on Feb. 3, that all of his family members will miss him."


"I am calling about making a stop sign at the bottom of the hill on Prospect Street. Evidentally the people that are trying to change this do not live in the area."

"To gun club people who want to boycott local merchants. Just because everyone does not believe in senseless killing, they are poor sports."

"First we had the Job Development Center incident, now we have the Project Challenge teachers. Five of the seven School Board members didn't even know about it. When are we going to get smart and get rid of the superintendent and get someone who doesn't make the decisions on their own?'

"I would like to wish a very special person named Justin R. a happy birthday. Your secret admirer. You are one nice guy."

"Clinton is out of the White House, now leave him alone. You have picked on him now for eight years. We need to go on with the country and what is going on now. Furthermore, I am a Christian man and I believe in what the Bible tells me. All the proud brothers I did not realize that he was a high priest. It was also written, 'do not speak evil about the ruler of your people.' That means our president. God does the judgment of all of us, not the people. Let him go and let Bush do his job in the White House."

"I want to wish Destiny a happy 10th birthday."

"I am calling about the bus out of Clear Spring that has the middle school and high school kids on it. My children that ride the bus, so far this year has had to put up with a boy pulling down his pants and mooning the kids, matches being lit and thrown on the bus and the worst language you have ever heard. Now, I understand that a fight is going to take place. Last warning, the very next thing that happens, I will go to the Board of Education. Wake up and grow up. The poor bus driver is doing her best. I think the board needs to put aides on these buses to help out."

"For those interested in running for mayor and council. As taxpayers, our needs are good schools, electricity, water and sewer, police and fire protection and decent roads. What we don't need are skating rinks, ballparks and museums paid for with taxpayers' money. As far as downtown is concerned, stop pouring our tax dollars downtown, trying to force us to shop there. Today's lifestyle is different; we use shopping malls in our section of town. I got the message when Sears left downtown in the 50s. Downtown is dead, let it rest in peace."

"I am told that George Bush thinks that Roe vs. Wade was the most important decision George Washington had to make before crossing the Delaware."

"You people complaining about homeless cats, you should be more concerned about the dogs attacking people. Ask any mailman how many of them have been bitten or chased by a cat?"

"In regards to the people who went up by North Locust on Friday evening about midnight and saw the incident with the lady who took down the license plate on the red and white truck. Please leave your number in Mail Call so I can get in touch with you."

"To the parking meter guy, thanks a lot for helping me deposit my library books downtown in the library chute the other day. Being a disabled person, it saved me a lot of hassle and inconvenience. Thank you very much and I appreciate it. From a disabled senior."

"In response to the person who does not think that President Bush was elected. Whose say-so is that, Jesse Jackson, who was down there in Florida?"

"I want to know why all of you crybabies who keep whining about Bush during the election. He won the election fair and square. If those people in Florida were not educated enough to know how to sign or read a ballot, then that was their problem."

"Everyone is talking about the truck stop and the hotel. I think that Mr. Bowman should put his truck stop at Exit 2 beside his place and see how he likes that."


"I would like to thank Councilman Mike Rohrer of the town of Smithsburg and his efforts of the snow removal and looking out for the citizens of Smithsburg. He is doing a great job and has the best interest of the citizens in mind. It appears though, that not many others at the town hall do. Keep up the good work, Mike, way to go."

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