Letters to the Editor 2/12

February 12, 2001

Letters to the Editor 2/12

Advance notice helps out

To the editor:

How pleased I am to read notices of meetings in your paper far enough in advance of a function that gives ample time for proper planning to actually be able to attend the event.

For the longest time, it seemed notices of a meeting would appear on the same day or after the fact.

This just didn't allow citizens in our community enough time to make arrangements necessary to get to the meetings. Members of the League of Women Voters - Washington County Unit - first started to sit up and take notice of this with candidate forums in the past general election. Not only is this a valuable service to the group or organization that is hosting the meeting, but more importantly, to the community in general.

Looks like someone at The Herald-Mail is doing something right and we appreciate it.


Cookie McDowell, Coordinator

League of Women Voters

Washington County Unit

Public prayer isn't all bad

To the editor:

In response to William Pigg's comment in his letter that was printed on Feb. 6 regarding Jesus making the statement to pray in private rather than in public, I humbly submit the following.

Jesus made that statement to rebuke the motive of the religious teachers of that day. The Pharisees loved to pray before men to be seen. Their motive was wrong.

Their reward for their prayers was the applause of people. Jesus said we should pray in private but he did not condemn public prayer if the motive is pure.

For example, in Joel chapter two, God commands Joel to call for a public gathering to fast and pray for revival. God commissioned the public prayer time; Joel simply carried out the orders.

There are other Biblical examples where public prayer is called for, with a pure motive.

I am addressing this due to my own calling to promote prayer for revival in our area. I'm following the Biblical principle that corporate prayer with the right motive will bring the blessing of God.

We need a revival in this area and any Christians who are burdened for revival can gather with us every Thursday from noon until 1 p.m. at the Trinity Center on Walnut Street. You can arrive and leave as your lunch schedule allows.

Let me stress that this is not an ecumenical thing, it's a Christian thing.

Yes, Jesus condemned public prayer for show, but not public prayer.

John Miller

Pastor, Faith Christian Fellowship


Care was outstanding

To the editor:

I wish to express my sincere thanks to the following people over the last year during my illness, surgery and recovery. To Dr. Herrera and his wonderful office nurse, Dr. Malik, Dr. Schiro and all their office staff.

Also thanks to Dr. Cornell and all the staff at the John R. Marsh Cancer Center.

Each office gave me their undivided attention and saw that my needs were met.

Dallas Churchey


Anne Lindbergh deserved top billing

To the editor:

It amazes me that your editors found it worthwhile to place the announcement of Dale Evans' death on the front page with a full column overrun on A7, while Anne Morrow Lindbergh's demise was relegated to the last page of the D section.

While Evans did much to heighten the world both in the fields of entertainment and morality, it is of my opinion that Lindbergh should have certainly received just as much notice.

H.W. Kloth

Charles Town, W.Va.

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