Mail Call for 2/9

February 09, 2001

Mail Call for 2/9

"To the person who said about the person in the article of Saturday's paper about the energy assistance and had the savings account to pay for their fuel oil bill. Well, for your information, it was not a savings account. It was paid by a credit card and it maxed it out. So no, not everyone has the money around to pay a bill like that."

"This is to the one talking about the narrow-minded people. You forgot to check into who belongs to OPEC about fuel prices being so high."

"I was wondering why Boonsboro wants to keep the wetlands in at the King farm? Do they not know that wetlands harbor mosquitoes and they carry viruses that can kill people? Are they thinking about our children?"

"In regards to Dunkin Donuts closing. Someone should put a Krispy Kreme donut shop there. They are very good donuts. They have them around the Baltimore area."


"I agree with some others that the surplus money should pay the IOUs to Social Security, then balance the budget, then give a tax break."

"I want to say congratulations to my granddaughter Quenesha Jackson for her nine As and two Bs that she got on her report card and for every perfect spelling and math test that she has gotten so far. You are a super duper kid and Nanna loves you very much."

"To the person who called about the 'Impeach Bush' bumper stickers. How can you impeach someone who was never elected?"

"I read where someone said to impeach Bush. Don't impeach Bush, he is a Christian. What did we have in office for eight years? Don't impeach Bush, let Bush have his rights. He is a Christian. Don't you guys know that the Lord is coming?"

"I really enjoyed shopping at the new Centre at Hagerstown. My question is, what are they going to do about all of the speeding? The people that drive on the main road use it as a speedway. I noticed numerous times, very near accidents. Luckily, nothing has happened yet. I think speed bumps or some kind of enforcement should be started because this is a very nice place to shop."

"I live on Spielman Lane in Boonsboro. I am not happy with the re-enactors going back on the land behind us and shooting cannons and stuff throughout the year, mainly on weekends, up until 11 p.m. I work all week and that is the only time I get to relax. I would like to go to bed early and I don't want to hear cannons ringing in the backgrounds. It is not bad to have it for one weekend a year, but not throughout the entire year. What do you guys think?"

"I want to thank the person on Ridenour Road for the information on the planning and zoning. The only reason I called in, is because I could not get any straight answers. Don't take it personal what I had mentioned about the zoning, it is just that I could not get any straight answers from the people that are supposed to know. This has not been verified by anyone but I think the zoning is going to change out there because more houses are being planned. You might want to look into that to be on the safe side."

"Last year my daughter was sick. She had the flu and missed four days of school, then she had pneumonia and missed five days of school. I sent a note from the doctor each time she missed school. Actually, I sent three notes. I then got a note from the school saying that they might take me to court because she didn't go to school for over 10 days and I needed a doctor's note each day after that from now on. I want the Board of Education to know that there are kids out there that are actually sick and they need to stop threatening the parents."

"We do not need another truck stop in the Kemps Mill area."

"I have an address for the Guardian Service glass lids that someone wanted. It is Guardian Service Cookware, 8300 Cerritos Avenue, Stanton, Ca. 90680."

"I would like to ask Mr. Bowman not to build a truck stop in the Williamsport area. We really don't want it. Think about your community, your neighbors and your friends."


"Someone explain to me why when you go to the Maugansville Post Office there are cars lined up everywhere, double parked and everything? When you go in, there is nobody in there. Then one time you go in and there are hardly any cars in the parking lot and you go inside they are standing 10 deep."

"To the person who wants 'Impeach Bush' bumper stickers. I think that there was a stack in the White House but when Clinton left he took everything including the stickers. No wonder we had 'Impeach Clinton' signs."

"In response to the lady who wanted the names of the sex offenders. She can get these names from the State of Maryland's Department of Public Safety. Call them and they will send you a list of the convicted sex offenders. That includes child molesters and crimes against women. This is a public service and it is free. The phone number is 410-764-5160, ext. 314. They are in Pikesville, Md. They will put you on a mailing list and they will send you the list."

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