Improvements funded in Pa.

U.S. 30

February 07, 2001|By STACEY DANZUSO, Chambersburg

U.S. 30 improvements funded in Pa.

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - State Sen. Terry Punt, R-Franklin County, announced Tuesday he has helped secure nearly $200 million for road and bridge improvements in the 33rd Senatorial District.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will funnel money for the improvements in Franklin and Adams counties over a three-year period, beginning this spring.

Of the $195 million in highway and bridge projects, more than $114 million is for work in Franklin County.

"These dollars and projects will address ongoing and new projects scheduled, which will greatly improve our highway and bridge needs throughout Franklin County," Punt said.

Punt, vice-chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, meets frequently with PennDOT officials throughout the year to lobby for and secure approval of dollars for various road projects.


"I have been meeting with PennDOT regularly each year for the past 12 years in order that my district can secure the necessary dollars to improve our highways and deteriorating bridges," Punt said.

Some of the projects in Franklin County include the long-awaited widening of U.S. 30, the truck-climbing lane on Route 16, the Interstate 81 reconstruction, the resurfacing of Pa. 914 to Pa. 997 and the resurfacing of Anthony Wayne Highway from Waynesboro, Pa., to the Maryland State Line.

"Improving our roadways improves not only our safety conditions to allow proper flow and movement of traffic, but also enhances economic opportunity and growth," Punt said.

He added that safer roads and reduced congestion would also enhance the quality of life for Franklin County residents.

About $80 million will go to road projects in Adams County.

The widening of Route 30 is already underway, as the state secures rights-of-way to allow for the expansion to five lanes from Fayetteville to the I-81 interchange, he said.

Improvements on I-81 are slated to begin this spring and take about two years to complete, Punt said.

The work will be between Exit 8 in Scotland and the Cumberland County line.

"They will re-lay the foundation, because the base beneath the highway has deteriorated so much we need to reconstruct it," Punt said.

Punt recently decided not to run for the Congressional seat vacated by U.S. Rep. Bud Shuster, R-Pa., saying he had too much invested in the 33rd Senatorial District - including road projects - to try for a new office at the time.

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