Mail Call for 2/6

February 06, 2001

Mail Call for 2/6

"To the people wondering what is going on with the fuel assistance. I talked to someone from the gas company. They were very helpful. They explained to me that what they had gotten from their e-mail was that the State of Maryland is having a new computer program and obviously it is not working the way they want it to. So, it is the State of Maryland's fault and not the energy companies. So all we can do is hang in there and hopefully everyone will get their money."

"I have a pet peeve about people who take dogs for a walk on their leashes and let them do their business in people's yards and don't pick it up. I think it should be a $500 and they should lose their animals."

"Unlike old soldiers, some old politicians never seem to fade away. From the White House to the school house, the self important have difficulty accepting that other, no matter how incompetent they are assumed to be are now in charge. It is time for both ex-President Clinton and ex-school board member Byers to leave the stage."


"I am tired of these people belly aching about not getting their energy assistance. The article in the paper stated that someone had to use their savings to pay their fuel bill. A lot of us not eligible for fuel assistance would be happy to have a saving account. Ours has been wiped out to pay our bill."

"I was at a big store that is going out of business. I was at the jewelry counter and I saw a ring that I liked that was $500 and there was a sign that said 60 percent off, plus an extra 20 percent and an extra 10 percent for Tuesday for senior citizens. Well after I figured it up, that $500 ring would have cost me $50 after the 90 percent off, so I told her I would take it. Well when she rang it up, it came up to $150 some. I asked her to explain it to me and she said they take the 60 percent off and get a price and then they take the 20 percent off and they get a price then they take the 10 percent off. So do you think this is fair? Please explain this to me."

"Our County Commissioners and developers are at it again. They want to spend over $4 million to widen Robinwood Drive to four lanes. Which obviously needs done, but they knew five years ago about all of that development there. How much did the developers and the new residents and businesses contribute to the road?"

"I would like to commend the people of Baltimore for winning a major championship. In many cases when a city's team has won a major championship, there has been great destruction and vandalism and I did not hear of any on the news this year from the Baltimore fans and I think that is wonderful."

"After 75 years on this Earth and living in this good old United States, I can see now why the Americans have kept the Democrats in for so long. They are the only ones that truly look into the public's interest."


"To our dear mother Mary on Frederick Street. We wish her a happy birthday on Feb. 14. She will be 94 years old. From all of her children."

"I want to congratulate Mr. Bush for giving money to church groups. I attend church myself. He is doing the most perfect thing he could do. But he is really going to rally the people for the congressional elections in two years. America has a long tradition of the government and church being separated. That is the way the majority and the moderate people want it. He is going to find out for himself that this is a big mistake. Keep it up, you are doing everything we wanted you to do. We will be rid of you in four."

"I live in a nice house on Ridenour Road. It is zoned agricultural. That is one of the reasons I bought here. There are farms across the road and a 10-acre lot behind me. When I put a running shed up for my horses, I talked to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Soil Conservation District, the Health Department and received permits. So you see there is no problem with zoning laws not being followed, I have the paperwork to prove that. It's only the people who don't know what they are talking about."

"For the caller who wanted to know how they can pay for their prescription drugs when they only make $18,000 a year, it is called using your money wisely. Get over it folks, Bush is president, so deal with it."

"I hope the city council and the mayor changes their minds in their decisions on having this intersection altered at the bottom of the hill on South Prospect Street to South Walnut Street. I am afraid that when coming down that hill in snow and icy conditions, there are a lot of vehicles that might have to make stops quickly. So make up your mind."

"To the lady that was supposed to come by and pick up the grocery coupons and never came to pick them up. I was wondering if you were going to come by and pick them. Do you still want them?'

"I wanted to say to the people in the North End back behind the dialysis unit. I think it is pretty bad that all those people have to let their dogs do their business around all of those doctor's offices. I cannot believe it. They need to take some kind of scoop with them."

"I want to thank my grandson, Tyler Sterling, for bringing so much happiness into my life. For all the love you give me. Congratulations for all the As and Bs you received on your report card. Love, your Nanna."

"I see where they had a speed trap set up on some of the streets so they could catch whoever was speeding. I think they should do the same thing on Sharpsburg Pike. I know you would have to be the state police. They should also do the same thing on Rt. 65, set up speed traps, you could catch a lot of people. Then you could use the money to hire more police."

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