Moller runs for City Council

February 06, 2001|By DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

Moller runs for City Council

For years, Carol N. Moller had a great view of an empty, deteriorated building in the middle of downtown Hagerstown. Now Moller wants to make sure the transformation of that building is done, and done right.

A University System of Maryland Hagerstown Education Center planned for the Baldwin House complex on West Washington Street needs more parking and open space to succeed, said Moller, a Republican candidate for Hagerstown City Council.

Moller, 65, supports a $4.4 million proposal from the Greater Hagerstown Committee that calls for demolishing several buildings to make space for wide alleys and more parking around the center.

Moller, now retired, is the Carol of the Carol & Company gift shop at 25 W. Washington St.

Moller opened Carol & Company in the North End in 1979, moved the business downtown in 1983 and sold it in October 1999.


Discovery Station, a planned interactive science center to go in the former Tusing warehouse between the first block of East Franklin and East Washington streets, is another project Moller wants to see come to fruition.

She said she supports a city financial contribution to Discovery Station and the parking and open space plan.

Moller said the city should hold back on projects such as a proposed Civil War museum and other plans for South Potomac Street, because "we can't have umpteen projects going on at one time."

Moller said the city should focus on getting "a few projects finished," such as the university center and Discovery Station, before moving forward with other plans.

"I want to see things completed," said Moller.

Moller said she wants to improve on the already good relationship between the city and the Washington County Commissioners.

Moller said she favors a city subsidy for Community Rescue Service.

Also, Moller supports city spending for a new baseball stadium, "if we have a team."

This is the first run for public office for Moller, who has been an active volunteer over the years. She's served on the city's Board of Traffic and Parking for 12 years, was the city representative to the Hagerstown-Washington County Economic Development Commission, and was active in a city downtown business group.

Moller resides at 430 Virginia Ave.

She is one of seven Republican candidates running in the city's March 13 primary election. The general election is May 15.

Council members are paid $8,000 a year.

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