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Dunkin Donuts closes

February 05, 2001

Dunkin Donuts closes

By MARLO BARNHART / Staff Writer

Motorists pulled into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot on West Washington Street Monday, read the sign on the door and then pulled away.

"There must have been at least 100 of them," said Lt. Roy Cave of the Hagerstown Police Department.

With a clear view from the opposite corner across to the popular sweet shop, Cave said Monday he had been unaware that the Dunkin Donuts had closed its doors after 31 years.

But it's official, according to franchise co-owner Carolyn Priday, who was reached at the Chambersburg, Pa., Dunkin Donuts shop she and her husband, Mike, also own.

The sign on the locked door thanks customers for their years of patronage. Four to five employees, including Esther Shaw, are out of a job.


"I came with the building 16 years ago," Shaw said Monday. "I'm really going to miss the customers as well as the job."

Shaw said she probably will take it easy for a while and then try to get a job somewhere else.

"It's been coming for a while," Priday said. "Actually our lease was up a year ago."

A franchisee for the past 13 years in Hagerstown, Priday said she and her husband couldn't find another site that was affordable.

Priday said Dunkin Donuts corporate headquarters in Randolph, Mass., controls the real estate at all three of their franchises, including the Martinsburg, W.Va., store.

"They now want sites with drive-thru capabilities," Priday said. "And they want franchisees to include Baskin-Robbins at all Dunkin Donut sites when they renew their leases."

The 339 W. Washington St. location was too small for either of those additions, Priday said. Corporate representatives came in and evaluated and decided the site was unsuitable

The building, which is 31 years old, is in need of some repairs.

"We decided to close now because the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system went down last week," Priday said.

There are three years to go on the lease for the Martinsburg store, which has a drive-thru, she said.

"The store in Chambersburg has only recently opened," Priday said.

That store has an express line for people who are just getting donuts to go.

The parent company owns Togo's, a line of delicatessens, and will be putting those in future Dunkin Donut shops, Priday said.

Aware of the old joke about police officers and donuts, Cave said he was sorry to lose the convenience of the shop.

"It's going to be awfully strange not to be able to just walk out and get a cup of coffee and a bagel," Cave said.

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