Mail Call for 2/5

February 05, 2001

Mail Call for 2/5

"Well people guess what? The Energy Assistance Program, you should just forget it for this year. I was told that they are just now working on the applications that were turned in in October. They are doing it manually so it will probably be another month before they get to the ones that were turned in in November. It will be too late then. We won't need the heat. Then what will we do with our grant money, will it go to waste? What do you do if you fill up your tank and then you get the grant money? You have to use up your grant money by April or it is gone. Why can't it just stay in your account until next winter?"

"To the person referring to wishing someone happy birthday in the paper. Did you ever think that maybe most of the time that these people do wish them happy birthday in the paper in person and it is nice to see your name in the paper?"


"I don't know about you but Senator Don Munson's office has always helped me every time I had a problem. It didn't take three weeks either. Maybe your weren't polite enough when you asked for help."

"Not all people in the South End of town have stuff sitting on their porch or beside their house. Try taking a ride up Garlinger Avenue and see what that looks like."

"I want to wish my granddaughter Audrey a happy 12th birthday. I love you sweetheart, Grandma Smith."

"I thought that there was a pooper scooper law in Hagers-town. I thought that you were supposed to pick up after your dogs. It would be really nice if these people would pick up after their dogs."

"I am calling about the CRS concern and the $400,000. Could someone tell me how it can cost someone $400 or $500 to take you to the hospital if you only have a broken arm?"

"For all of you people who are worried about energy assistance, one reason you are having a hard time getting it, is you never applied for it. But in the event that you applied before and you still haven't received it, then you could call Roscoe Bartlett or Robert McKee, you contact them and I guarantee that you will hear from somebody."

"I am calling in response to an incident I heard on my personal scanner last Friday evening around 4:45 p.m. The incident involved the bus driver and a student that was throwing objects at the school bus once they were off the bus. It is time, that we as parents realize what our children are doing when they are out of our sight. These vehicles are extremely large and the driver has a big responsibility transporting our children safely. It is a shame that the police had to be called to settle a problem such as this one. The least we can do is teach our children the importance of respecting and listening while on the bus. For those children that do, keep up the good work. We as the parents and the community would be the first ones to come down on the driver if they were to be in an accident, just because they were doing their job. It is a big responsibility. I compliment all the bus drivers of Washington County. If it weren't for you guys, we the parents would have to alter our schedule to take our kids to school. My thoughts go out to the bus driver involved in this incident."

"I want to tell Nanny and Pap that I am praying for Missy."

"If they are going to ban the use of a cell phone while driving then I think they should ban people eating while driving also."

"To all the people who said that they call down to CAC about the fuel assistance and nobody calls them back. All you have to do is go down there in person and you will get help."


"To the person who is worried about how the people's porches and yard's look in the South End. Stop being such busy bodies. If you don't like it, don't look, don't visit them and they won't have to sweep any dirt out from under your feet. It is none of your concern. Look the other way. This is what's wrong with the world today, too many nosy people."

"Instead of being concerned about the items on people's porches in the South End, I am more concerned about the people who sit on their front porch, mainly on Guilford Street, all hours of the night and know everybody's business and spread rumors around. Instead of worrying about items, worry about the rumors."

"You people who walk your dogs down through the city of Hagers-town and let them do their business on the sidewalk and don't clean it up. One of these days I am going to bring my cow into town and walk it down through the city and let you know what it is like to step in it. Please carry a brown bag or a pooper scooper with you. You know who you are."

"I am calling in regards to the energy assistance that has not come through, I applied in October and it was approved and I have never heard anything about it. Every time I call in there, I am given a different answer. I think this should be corrected, there are a lot of people that are in dire need of this."

"This is Shirley from Potomac Towers. I have a cockatiel bird, he was raised on the outside, he has a small cage. They tell me that I might lose my home and the bird, if I don't find a cage big enough for the bird to fly in. My number is 301-797-1940."

"To the boy who is paying the taxes on someone else's land. Wake up and smell the roses boy, that man is taking you over. He can sell that land whenever he wants to."


"I want to congratulate my wonderful son Dustin Warner for making the STARS. Keep up the good work, forever my love, mom."

"This is to Evans. I wanted to let him know how much I love him. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, his wife, Patricia, always and forever."

"I lost a set of keys. A set of double keys, left in the Amoco station on Frederick Street. If anyone finds them, call me at 301-790-0144."

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