letters - groundhog day edition

February 02, 2001

Letters to the Editor 2/2

Jesus will cure drinking

To the editor:

Alcoholism causes so many problems in our lives and robs us of our families, our jobs, our dreams and most importantly, our peace. Not only does this problem hurt and destroy the person who drinks, but it also affects the ones who love them the most. The pain and suffering loved ones do experience, as a result of someone else's choices, can be devastating.

Many people consider this lifestyle as a disease. While I believe that to a certain extent, I also believe that plain and simply, it is a choice that a person makes to live a life to please themselves rather than to please God, and it turns into a life-dominating sin. Each decision made affects the next, until the alcoholic finds themselves in a downward spiral and out of control. To make matters worse, they blame everyone else for their sin, rather than accept responsibility for their own choices and behavior. To all concerned, the situation can seem hopeless.


But I have some great news to share with those of you suffering through this today. There is hope! There is a way to deal with this mess. Although there are some excellent programs available, like Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon, real hope is not found in a program or a theory. Real hope is a person - and his name is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the one and only answer to every problem we may face in life, including this one. His power can fix far. Open your bible and read it. God wants you to know him. He wants you to know his promises and his power.

If you'd like help from people who know what you're going through, you can write for encouragement and additional information. The address is: STANDFIRM Ministries, P.O. Box 1872, Hagerstown, Md. 21742-1872.

Lori Amatucci


Girls, Inc. needs recreational support

To the editor:

Girls, Inc. is a good organization for our community. It allows girls ages 5-18 to participate in many activities that increase their self-esteem. The girls enjoy gymnastics, dance, Girl Scouts, storytelling, computers, sign language, swimming and other activities. They learn basic math and how to be independent. They play in a variety of sports, and learn to be a team player. Many of the programs are held in the evening. They enjoy both winter and summer activities.

Girls, Inc. is a non-profit agency that is funded through United Way as well as grants and donations. Their success depends on volunteers and community support. For 50 years, Girls, Inc. has been inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

A sports program would enable Girls, Inc. to attract more teens; however they presently lack a gymnasium. Winter Street School across the street from Girls, Inc. has no gym, and there is no gymnasium in the West End of Hagerstown. In order to ensure that all girls in our community receive the benefits of an athletic program, Girls, Inc. has begun a capital campaign to build a gymnasium. Some financial support has already been received through fund-raisers, grants and donations.

The girls need a gym building, a main basketball court and athletic equipment. They would appreciate your sending a contribution to Girls, Inc. 626 Washington Avenue, Hagerstown, Md. Let's all support Girls, Inc., their Board of Directors and Executive Director Maureen Grove.

Gerald C. Hicks


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