Letters to the Editor 1/26

January 26, 2001

Letters to the Editor 1/26

Museum needs state leadership

To the editor:

An open letter to the Governor:

Dear Gov. Parris Glendening:

We have a good deal for you. Include $3 million in your supplemental budget for the Civil War Museum, and we will deliver for Hagerstown:

$23 million in private sector investment in the downtown.

Smithsonian affiliation.

Smart Growth redevelopment of two city blocks.

$6 for every $1 of state money.

The largest museum designer in the world.

$210 million of economic return over the next 10 years.


330,000 visitors to local restaurants, motels and gas stations.

A 21st century educational museum second to none.

A park environment downtown with trees, gardens and fountains.

A $46 million project - the largest ever - for downtown.

Creative architecture that preserves building facades.

$15 million in federal matching investment.

The premier portal to Maryland's Civil War Trails.

We commit to the above. We promise to deliver.

We have the team in place to do it. We have the data to support it. We have the details down to the square foot.

We have the support of the business community. We have the support of the city. We have the support of the county. We have the support of the delegation - all in written letters to you.

Governor, we need your leadership. We need your determination to make Smart Growth a reality for Hagerstown. We need your vision to make Hagerstown a premier tourist destination. Our community needs you as our partner in this project - not our follower.

We need you to go first. Make Hagerstown a priority. Make Hagerstown your model of Smart Growth.

Make a commitment to Hagerstown, governor, and all other commitments will follow.

Please return some of Washington County's tax dollars to Washington County.

We promise you a huge return on your return.

Dennis E. Frye

American Museum of the Civil War


We heard you the first time

To the editor:

Do you know how many requests for money you received last year (2000)? I know how many I received because I kept them all.

I received 151 requests from 43 different organizations. Alzheimer's Disease Research led the list by sending 16 mailings. Those that sent 12 or more are American Lung Association, Easter Seals and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The above organizations are using a lot of paper and a lot of postage. It would be nice if each organization sent only two mailings a year. That is enough.

Is there any way to stop their sending address labels? I have enough to paper my living room. None of us needs that many.

Ethel B. Irvine


City must support ambulance service

To the editor:

What kind of people do we have governing this city who will not financially support the Community Rescue Service and are basically too cheap to provide emergency service for their citizens, who do not live in a tax-free environment?

Apparently the word priority is unknown to our city leaders. With elections soon occuring it seems we should demand a dedication to this important cause instead of fancy footwork to avoid an obligation. And boy are they good dancers.

Richard C. Mooers


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