Swimmers raise money for YMCA

January 21, 2001

Swimmers raise money for YMCA

By STACEY DANZUSO / Staff Writer, Chambersburg

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - While many area residents were bundled up shoveling their driveways Sunday afternoon, others stripped down to their swimsuits for a dip in the water at the YMCA Pool Fest.

"It was something fun to do for a change," said Melanie Wennick, whose husband Bob and children Adam, 10, and Chase, 8, all participated in the swim-a-thon.

"We'll all compare notes later," she said, freshly changed from her dunk in the pool.

The YMCA hosted the swim-a-thon for the first time in about a decade. The fund-raiser replaces the popular annual doughnut sale.

Pam VanderWeele, aquatics director, said the event was a success.

About 75 people participated, including swim team members, coaches and club members.

Each person raised pledges for either swimming for an hour or for the number of laps they completed within an hour.


"We did this as a way to get people to use the pool and raise money for youth programs and swim team equipment," VanderWeele said.

Specifically, she said she would like to purchase new timing equipment for the swim team and a new scoreboard.

"Our current scoreboard model is discontinued, and we would like to get one that displays the names of all six swimmers," VanderWeele said.

The swim team members did their laps at a lock-in Saturday night and raised more than $4,000, she said.

VanderWeele was not sure how much the other members swimming Sunday raised, but she expected the total to be close to the annual doughnut sales of $6,000.

She said the hour time limit was difficult for some, but everyone "hung in."

"For the little ones it was tough, but the older ones were interested in seeing how much they could do," she said.

The children ranged in age from 6 to 18.

"It was a little bit of a stretch for me too," said Wennick, of Fayetteville, Pa., who said she normally swims just a half-hour.

The YMCA gave out prizes to the children had the most number of sponsors and raised the most money.

The winners were Brandon Beidel - an eighth-grader from Newville, Pa., who received pledges from 28 different people - and Katie Aughinbaugh, a seventh-grader from Chambersburg, who raised $286.

VanderWeele said she would like to continue the swim-a-thon in the future, possibly alternating it with another fund-raiser.

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