Vancour makes moves to neutralize Rebel field

January 20, 2001

Vancour makes moves to neutralize Rebel field

By ADELINE STAEBLER / Staff Correspondent

Starting neutral is a step up for Williamsport's Sean Vancour.

The Wildcats' tri-captain, decided after struggling from the defensive position in last week's Hub Cup, when it became his choice Saturday at South Hagerstown in the Rebel Invitational, he'd take neutral. Working from his feet, Vancour defeated Leonardtown's Bobby Metcalf 11-8 for the 142-pound title.

"I lost my quarterfinal match (at the Hub Cup) because I took bottom instead of neutral and neutral is my strongest point," Vancour (17-6) said. "So I came into this tournament knowing that I could take people down and not be taken down and I basically took them down and let them up and took them down..."

Vancour tied his match going into the second period and then took a 7-4 lead. Metcalf tied the match in the third quarter at 8-8 before Vancour scored twice to win, 11-8.


"(Vancour) was a little overexcited at the begining," Williamsport coach Chuck Martin said. "He wrestled a little sloppy, gave away some points and then he started settling down a little bit and scoring when he had the opportunity. He cleaned up his technique as the match progressed and he had a little bit more in his gas tank than the other kid did."

The Wildcats won the Rebel with 242.5 points. They sent eight wrestlers to the finals and won six championships. Matt Allen (191) won most outstanding wrestler award and Travis Brown (147) had the fastest pin - 6 seconds on Friday night.

"I'm especially proud of this team because it's basically made up of only five returning starters from last year's team and a bunch of young wrestlers that came in this year," Martin said. "It's a lot of fun being able to work with a team that has a willingness to learn and do what you ask of them."

Williamsport's Ryan Bowers (127), Steve Stone (132), Brown, Allen and Ryan McDonald (277) all won their championship matches.

"It wasn't quite as competitive as it was in the past with (Judge Handley, Winchester, Va.) dropping at the last minute because of weather and Hedgesville not being here," Martin said. "It's a good tournament for some of the kids like Vancour and Brown and these guys who haven't been around and seen their names in the headlines. It gives them a chance to shine a little bit."

The only other area wrestler to win a championship was Thomas Johnson's Dan Ellis (217). He pinned Leonardtown's Stephen Riley in 3:49 for the title.

"I just basically relying on my shots to take them down. I just go for a far arm, grab the leg and take them down," Ellis (14-3) said. "I knew that (Riley) was real tall and I was going to use my gravity to try to get down low and take a shot on him."

Williamsport's Brian Forsythe (105) and Corey Leggett (121) each had second-place finishes, along with South Hagerstown's Emens Rho (147) and Brandon Nigh (160), TJ's Mark Esmont (154) and Catoctin's Derek Fogle (173).

Team Scores

1. Williamsport, 242.5; 2. Leonardtown, 215; 3. Central Cambria, 192; 4. Liberty, 166; 5. South Hagerstown, 138; 6. Thomas Johnson, 116; 7. Landsdowne, 94; 8. Catoctin, 91; 9. Boonsboro, 23.5.


105 - Brennan Hammett (LEO) d Brian Forsythe (W), 5-1; 114 - Paul Hartman (LIB) d Shawn Sims (LAN), 5-4; 121 - Ryan Brown (LAN) d Cory Leggett (W), 9-3; 127 - Ryan Bowers (W) d Jason Engles (LIB), 10-5; 132 - Steve Stone (W) d Steve Fagan (CCH), 9-3; 137 - Brad Dugan (CCH) d Anthony Dallas (LEO), 10-6; 142 - Sean Vancour (W) dec. Bobby Metcalf (LEO), 11-8; 147 - Travis Brown (W) p Emens Rho (S), 3:40; 154 - Appolo Thomas (LEO) p Mark Esmont (TJ), 3:26; 162 - Mike Dugan (CCH) p Brandon Nigh (S), 1:27; 173 - Jason Vasses (CCH) md Derek Fogle (CA), 8-0; 191 - Matt Allen (WI) p DJ Lathroum (LEO), 1:20; 217 - Dan Ellis (TJ) p Stephen Riley (LEO), 3:49; 277 - Ryan McDonald (WI) p Nate Morris (CCH), 1:59.


105 - Stephen Copeland (S) d Craig Yoder (CCH), 8-7; Devin Hewitt (WIL) d Shawn Rhinefield (LEO), 8-3; 121 - Todd Adkins (CA) p Bryan Ullrich (CCH), :48; 127 - Tim Bracken (CCH) d Josh Metcalf (LEO), 5-0; 132 - Anthony Bowers (S) d Davie Raum (LEO), 5-3 OT; 137 - Justin Muhl (LIB) md Trenton Almeda (WIL), 14-1; 142 -Nathan Mose (S) p Jeff Smith (B), 4:11; 147 - Brand Ullrich (CCH) p Steve Ensling (LIB), 2:11; 154 - Tavon Watson (LAN) d Adam Hutchens (S), 5-4; 162 - Blake Burgess (LEO) p Aaron Riner (LIB), 4:38; 173 - Brandon Pluim (LIB) p Jason Foster (TJ), 2:03; 191 - Sal Mauriello (S) p Joe Esmont (TJ), 4:20; 217 - Jason Houston (CCH) p Clayton Swisher (S), 2:59; 277 - Luke Runion (LEO) p Brian Roos (LIB), :35.

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