Letters to the Editor 1/21

January 19, 2001

Letters to the Editor 1/21

Merging schools would cause harm to Cascade pupils

To the editor:

We as a community of Cascade aren't concerned about our children going to a great school like Smithsburg Elementary. Our concern is the teacher/children ratio, and transporting our children to Smithsburg Elementary.

Their is also a concern of what will happen to our community when the school is closed. Cascade Elementary is the foundation of our community. Fort Ritchie was taken away from us, now they want to take our school.

What will we have left in our community that will attract people to want to live in Cascade, if the school is closed?


We as a community think that transporting our children to the Smithsburg school is going to be hard on our children. The bus trip will take between 50 minutes to an hour, which is a long time for an elementary-age child to be on a bus.

Also, as of right now, buses that our children take to Cascade Elementary now are overcrowded. There have been times when my children have had to stand up on the bus to go to the school.

Cascade has a small group of children in each of its classrooms and we as parents are very pleased with the arrangement. The children are getting one-on-one attention, which is needed to educate a child. If our children were sent to Smithsburg it would hurt us, and Smithsburg's children too.

I am sure the Smithsburg community doesn't want this any more than the Cascade community does. I feel we should work together to keep this from happening to our children. They are just as concerned about overcrowding as Cascade is.

The Cascade Elementary School is well established, for tit has a Pre-K program that is excellent and is very helpful in getting children ready for kindergarten. We also have an after-school daycare which is very helpful for our parents in the Cascade community.

The people on the Consolidation Committe aren't thinking about our children and their educations.If we don't worry about our children's education, then who will?

Tina Thompson


Don't eliminate contract drivers for school buses

To the editor:

Who has one of the most important jobs in the world? Who is responsible for the very lives of many children every school day? Who has to be responsible for not only their actions but everyone's around them, even when the people around them are tired, in bad moods, late for work or just plain bad at what they are doing? Who has to keep their eyes in front of them and on everyone around them at the same time?

In my opinion it's our bus drivers. On Monday, Jan. 8 the roads were in pretty bad shape before the children arrived safe and sound home from school.

On Tuesday morning Jan. 9 my road was very icy when I put eight children on the school bus. I could, however breathe a little easier knowing the person driving the bus is a caring, responsible person. He is able to make good, safe, sound decisions with experience, and is always very much in control of his bus. I have also seen him first hand with a child who couldn't remember where he lived. Or a child who was getting off at a different stop but didn't remember where that was.

Let's all take time to realize what a tremendous job our bus drivers have to do, with such care and the patience of saints.

Let's think about drivers like Terry and Sandy Hovermale. They own their bus. They chose this as their career, not just a job. They made the sacrifices that are required to be business owners. They have put in the hours that it takes to build true experience and know how.

I feel so much better knowing all of this when I put my children, and other people's children on their bus every day. That's what is most important to me. Not even if it were cheaper to do something different.

Leave them alone, and all of the other privately owned business owners. They are doing a wonderful job, and in my opinion one of the most important jobs in the world.

I urge all concerned parents to contact your County Commissioners and board members either by phone or in writing and voice strong opposition to any plan of eliminating our school bus contractors. Our children deserve the best.

Marilyn Blank


Thanks, Eric for helping out when car failed

To the editor:

On Friday Jan. 12, my husband and I were taking a trip to Maryland. Near the Hancock town limits, our car broke down. We stopped in Hancock, but were advised we must try and get to Hagerstown.

With our car only running on the battery we could only make it to Big Pool. We were given a name of a service station, but when we called, it was closed. We decided to call Auto Zone to get the name of another repair shop.

A young man named Eric answered our call. After hearing the distress in my husband's voice, he offered to come to our rescue when he finished work. Eric came with his tools and proceeded to help my husband with the car. Unable to repair it without the necessary part, our car had to be towed to Hagerstown.

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