Letters to the Editor 1/18

January 18, 2001

Letters to the Editor 1/18

A fine poet

To the editor:

I like to congratulate my friend Alice Hawks of Greencastle.

Hawks has won four awards for a Valentine poem from the World of Poetry contests. She won Poet of the Year for her poem. The poem is published in World Treasury of Great Poems Vol. II., John Campbell editor. Hawks has won several other awards for her poem "My Little Girl," from Poetry World contests.

Hawks is in the process of finding a publisher for a book she wrote about her dog Jack, from a dog's view.

Congratulations and good luck, Alice. Press on.

A.A. Dimon


The GOP's last hurrah

To the editor:

I am pleased to read your paper for the first time. I'm a Smithsburg resident of 25 years, on and off.


I see that there will be protesters at the inauguration and I think it unnecessary roughness. I wish that all Americans would think like Al Gore:

"... George Bush is my president." This is the right way.

Let us look at November again. Clearly the urban vote outweighs the rural vote. It shifted for the last time after the Volstead Act in 1919. And it is sad that history can show that the discussion was a tragic mistake. FDR campaigned to repeal Prohibition - his intentions can still be seen on a wall near the harbor in Baltimore. Hoover would not address the issue. The issues of the Democrats are popular with the urban dwellers today.

With the advent of a new and accurate vote counting systems, the Democrats can elect anyone in 2004.

This is the last hurrah for the Republicans - the demonstrators should celebrate Bush.

Bart Spano


Thanks from the United Way

To the editor:

On behalf of the board of directors of the United Way of Washington County, I want to thank the volunteers, the companies, and the contributors who made this year's United Way campaign a huge success.

I would also like to extend a special thank you to our campaign chairman - Mike Callas - who did an outstanding job getting the campaign off to an early start and keeping the momentum going throughout the campaign. Not only did we reach our goal of $1.7 million, but also for the sixth straight year, we raised more money than the year before.

The investment and continued support of the United Way by the people and businesses in Washington County will go a long way to help change the lives of the many people served by our 21 member agencies.

The funds raised will help support many health and human services programs that get results for the children, adults, and families that the agencies serve.

Thank you all for making this milestone in our history possible and to the start of a wonderful year.

Richard J. Gagliardi


United Way of Washington County

Board of Directors

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