Mail Call for 1/16

January 16, 2001

Mail Call for 1/16

"When are the side streets going to get cleaned up? I saw one of the girls with a broom and dustpan. They sweep up East Franklin Street and East Washington Street. I was told, they only do the streets people complain about. Well I am complaining about North Mulberry Street. It is filthy, trash laying around and blowing around everywhere. It is mainly coming from an apartment building, which nobody cleans up. I have gone across the street numerous times and swept it up myself because I was tired of seeing it. It blows around onto everybody's property. They also need to clean the parking spots on North Mulberry Street. They have not been cleaned in a very long time."

"Any organization requesting taxpayers' money must give a complete financial report. Not consider any expenditure as confidential."

"It is time that Rod Shoop moves on. Washington County needs a new administrator."


"I live in a development in Boonsboro. The other day power was out in most of the Boonsboro and Keedysville area. Starting at 10:30 a.m. I was very upset when the next day, a spokesperson for Allegheny Energy told the newspaper and radio stations that power was restored to all customers at 1 p.m. In our development, the power was not restored until 5:30 p.m. I really believe that Allegheny Energy was trying to make their company look good by saying that power was restored in a few hours. Tell the truth, please."

"In regards to the mentally retarded man that was accused in the killing of the 9-year-old boy in Frederick. There was an article in the paper the other day that he cannot be executed because he is mentally retarded. I think the laws need to be changed. They need to start thinking about the victims of these people. It is just getting horrible."

"Once there was a Democratic Party that was for the people of America, but not anymore. It is run by special interest groups such as NAACP, Reverend Jackson, union bosses and movie stars."

"I just returned from a normal unpleasant visit to the MVA to renew a disabled car tag. As usual, the lady was discourteous, unpleasant and acted as if I was bothering her. Just think, yesterday, I paid my fourth quarter Maryland taxes. Amen."

"To the County Commissioners, we need a new county administrator right now. Please give him his notice. Thank you, from a taxpayer."

"I was in a restaurant recently that does not have a liquor license, but people were allowed to smoke in there. Who takes care of something like this in Washington County?"

"Why does everyone want all- day kindergarten? That is too long for a 5-year-old to be in school. That is just another way for the government to raise your kids."

"What don't you politicians understand about the word 'No'? We don't want a new stadium, No, never. We have enough congestion in this town, without having that. It is just not going to fly."

"I am not surprised the latest poll showed 73 percent of Americans think that the country is better off than it was before we had Bill Clinton. Let's see those kind of figures in 2004. I doubt if we will ever see that. In fact, the country will be so messed up that we will beg for Bill Clinton to run again to save the Constitution."

"I am calling about Bruchey wanting to run for mayor. Stop running for mayor, don't run anymore. You have not done anything for the city. All you want to do is spend, spend spend money. We do not need a Civil War museum in downtown, tearing down buildings, it looks like a cyclone has hit Hagerstown. It does not look a bit better with all the stuff you have been doing. Let well enough alone. Back out, let someone else do it. I hope someone will file for mayor. Go down to Sharpsburg, they have a lot of fields. That is where the Civil War museum belongs, at the battlefield. The same as the Wal-Mart and the ballpark, we don't need it!"

"We need a Wal-Mart on this end of town, please let them build it."

"I have a question. How did that man come from Williamsport to Funkstown and visited those taverns and did not see any drunks? Maybe he should come late at night, when they are leaving."

"Please do something about the abuse of the handicapped parking in front of the Franklin Street Post Office."

"I am a pizza delivery driver for a local pizza shop. I would like to say that we survive off of tips, just like a waitress or waiter at a restaurant. For you people who leave six, seven or nine cents or stand there and wait for your change. Think about it, we are delivering your meal to your house. We are catering to you, but you don't cater to us. So you tightwads, keep your money."

"When the people that criticize County Commissioner Swartz, don't know him at all. He only does what he is asked to do by all the voters of Washington County. He cannot please everyone. From a taxpayer and voter of Hagerstown."

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