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January 16, 2001

Letters to the Editor 1/17

Worms aren't always for early birds

To the editor:

I would like to steal a line from Kathleen Parker and reiterate "We seem to have reached a point where common sense can't be applied and draconian responses are the norm rather than the exception."

When I read the article about the elementary principal who wants a no-tolerance policy on children getting to school late or leaving early, it made me glad I live in Frederick County, Maryland where office administrators have an adequate system to keep up with comings (late arrivals) and goings (early dismissals).

This lady has obviously never been kicked in the chest by her child's feet when trying to dress him/her for school. I doubt she has had to battle "I'm sorry, I can't let you out of the house in that outfit!" - to a young daughter who has no concept that her peers might tease her about her clothing choice.


I'm sure a weekly early excuse for my child to be able to get to ballet on time, would not be tolerated, even though since she has Asperger's Syndrome it has helped with improving her clumsiness.

This principal cannot have ever been in traffic with young children, and obviously grandparents cannot impart any wisdom since getting out of school early to have a pleasant trip is not acceptable.

If my daughter and I did not resolve morning conflicts before school, it affected her behavior the whole day. It took me a while to learn that it was better for her to get to school 10 minutes late rather than send her to school on time and be a behavior problem all day long. The school even noticed a difference in her behavior. On days we were late I explained "We had to work out our differences of opinion." They were greatly appreciated because everyone at the school noticed improved behavior once I switched tactics.

For my daughter, getting to school on time was not as important as resolving our differences of opinion.

Wouldn't it be better to target habitual offenders and offer a program with support to identify problems and offer solutions? Oh no, we can't do that. We no longer use common sense and instead jump to draconian methods.

Bonnie Dunkley

Brunswick, Md.

God's way better than perverted evil

To the editor:

Like millions of conservatives, I was happy with the final outcome of the presidential election 2000 and contrary to the opinions of some, President-elect George W. Bush did not steal the presidency and the U.S. Supreme Court did the right thing by halting the illegal recount of ballots in Florida, which was a pathetic debacle - which, in reality, was a desperate effort by the Gore team to steal or manufacture votes for Vice President Al Gore. I believe such antics are a disgrace to those involved.

Now that our new president-elect is endeavoring to put his governing team together, some liberal Democrats are starting to pick at some who he was chosen, especially Sen. John Ashcroft of Missouri, who is a strong conservative with an admirable political record.

The problem is that those with a liberal mind-set, in many instances, despise the traditional and biblical standards and values that true conservatives hold dear. Does it not make sense that all babies in the womb should have the right to live and be born? Doesn't it make good sense that a child be privileged to have a mother and a dad instead of two moms and no dad or two dads and no mom?

What an injustice! How really sad! Really now, what in the world is "gay" about being a homosexual or lesbian! God calls it vile, in his word.

Many liberals think that we who condemn abortion actually hate abortionists or by condemning homosexuality that we hate homosexuals! This is not true. We abhor these disgusting practices because these things are contrary to sound reasoning. I do wish that folks like this would start to wake up and realize how perverted and evil it is to destroy, murder your unborn child or to lust after someone of the same gender!

God had a much better way!

Edgar M. Foltz, Jr.

Greencastle, Pa.

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