Paint Branch garners 5 top seeds for Hub Cup

January 12, 2001

Paint Branch garners 5 top seeds for Hub Cup

By ADELINE STAEBLER / Staff Correspondent

The lineups are in and the seedings are nearly done for the 14th Hub Cup tournament, which wrestles tonight and Saturday at North Hagerstown High School.

The coaches have until noon today to make injury or sickness changes to their lineups. The tournament features a two-pound allowance, meaning that 103 pounds is 105, 112 is 114 and so on.

Paint Branch, of Montgomery County, leads with five first seeds in the tournament. The Hubs and Magruder, also out of Montgomery County, each had two wrestlers with a first seed.

"One of the things that we felt was that (seeding) should be somebody that has some varsity experience up to this point. Most of the teams by this point will have wrestled at least seven matches somehow, whether it's tournaments, dual meets, tri-meets, whatever, so that's sort of the cut-off," North coach Greg Slick said. "We also decided that we were going to go strictly by win-loss (records)."


Williamsport's Ryan McDonald and North's Wayne Boward are the only two area returning champions. Boward, who won at 137 last year, is the No. 1 seed at 147 this year with an 11-0 record.

McDonald won the heavyweight title with a pin over Frederick's Akil Patterson last year. This year McDonald (15-1) is seeded second behind Patterson, who is 8-0.

Gaithersburg's Brendan McCarron (191) and Paint Branch's Antonio Williams (114) are the other returning champions.

McCarron (12-0) is a first seed and Williams (10-1) is seeded second behind Magruder's Todd Klein.

North's Mike Wagner (105) received a top seed, as well as South Hagerstown's Tony Bowers (121) and Williamsport's Steve Stone (130).

Williamsport's Corey Leggett (121), who finished in second place last season, is seeded second along with South's Brandon Ashby (127) and Thomas Johnson's Dan Ellis (217).

"There's going to be lots of really good wrestling," Slick said. "On the winners' side of the tournament, you've got guys who are going to qualify for the state tournament. On the losers' side of the bracket, you've got kids who are maybe .500 or below and they just wrestle their hearts out for a shot at third place."

Unofficial Top 6 Seeds

105 - 1. Mike Wagner, North; 2. Robert Young, Paint Branch; 3. Ted Humburg, Damascus; 4. Joey Lagos, Linganore; 5. Brian Forsythe, Williamsport; 6. Josh Corkman, Westminster.

114 - 1. Todd Klein, Magruder; 2. Antonio Williams, Paint Branch; 3. Devin Hewitt, Williamsport; 4. Dan Caywood, Walkersville; 5. Scott Humberg, Damascus; 6. Kevin Phangasorn, Rockville.

121 - 1. Tony Bowers, South; 2. Corey Leggett, Williamsport; 3. Steve Fravel, North; 4. Adam Tenney, Westminster; 5. Fred Monday, Paint Branch; 6. Ryan Hughes, Damascus.

127 - Ryan Scherer, Paint Branch; 2. Brandon Ashby, South; 3. Steve Bennett, Damascus; 4. Ouria Sadat, Northwest; 5. Kirby Fullerton, Walt Whitman; 6. Sean O'Keefe, Middletown.

132 - 1. Steve Stone, Williamsport; 2. Caleb Seufert, Northwest; 3. Jason Gladhill, Walkersville; 4. Caleb Seufert, Northwest; 5. Terry Jones, South; 6. Dan MacArthur, Walt Whitman.

137 - 1. Dale Kerns, Damascus; 2. Billy Smith, Paint Branch; 3. Jason Brown, Westminster; 4. Andrew Nichols, North; 5. Trenton Almedo, Williamsport; 6. Val Kouznetsou, Rockville.

142 - 1. Chris Booker, Paint Branch; 2. Chris Thompson, Damascus; 3. Brandon Keller, Middletown; 4. Will Ross, Rockville; 5. Scott Greenwald, North; 6. Sean Vancour, Williamsport.

147 - 1. Wayne Boward, North; 2. Todd Lerner, Magruder; 3. Jimmy Francis, Walkersville; 4. Travis Brown, Williamsport; 5. Joe Semanda, Paint Branch; 6. Jim Creegan, Damascus.

154 - 1. Adam James, Paint Branch; 2. Matt Jones, Walt Whitman; 3. Elbert Williams, Northwest; 4. Andrew Nicklas, Middletown; 5. Dustin McDonough, North; 6. Shawn McGrew, Damascus.

160 - 1. Chris Miller, Paint Branch; 2. Jon Burger, Westminster; 3. Greg Cohen, Damascus; 4. Randy Nulph, Walkersville; 5. Austin Lavin, Walt Whitman; 6. Mark Esmont, Thomas Johnson.

173 - 1. Doug Koehn, Magruder; 2. Kenny O'Sullivan, Paint Branch; 3. Mike Bonsingnore, Walt Whitman; 4. Nick Burger, Westminster; 5. Wayne Wyman, Damascus; 6. Danny McCallion, Middletown.

191 - 1. Brendan McCarron, Gaithersburg; 2. Matt Stewart, Paint Branch; 3. Matt Allen, Williamsport; 4. Elija Sum, Frederick; 5. Joe Esmont, Thomas Johnson; 6. Sal Mauriello, South.

217 - 1. Craig Lawrence, Paint Branch; 2. Dan Ellis, Thomas Johnson; 3. Chad Coles, North; 4. Chris Gaba, Walt Whitman; 5. Gabe Maier, Magruder; 6. Ethan Lord, Williamsport.

275 - 1. Akil Paterson, Frederick; 2. Ryan McDonald, Williamsport; 3. Corey Ray, Damascus; 4. Steve Stultz, Westminster; 5. Justin LaGrenade, Gaithersburg; 6. Jason Stambaugh, Walkersville.

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