letters to the editor 1/14/01

January 12, 2001

Letters to the Editor 1/14

WJEJ will become 'Swingin' Easy' radio to serve its loyal fans

To the editor:

In response to the overwhelming amount of letters written to the editor concerning WWMD, I would like to say thank you. Rarely does a business or service touch a community so strongly that they feel like they have lost a dear friend when it is gone.

The countless letters, faxes, e-mails and phone calls we have received plus the letters in the paper have been quite enlightening. We've been able to see first-hand how loyal you were to our former station and how you patronized our advertisers.

Although my father, John Staub, sold WWMD this past August due to the threat of the dreaded estate tax, he wasn't quite ready to give up the beautiful music on the radio. He decided to turn our local AM radio station, WJEJ 1240 into full-service classic radio.


Our signal on WJEJ covers the local Hagerstown listening area and brings you the same music and programs that you enjoyed on WWMD. You can still tune in programs like Big Band Jump, Seems Like Old Times, Imagination Theatre and Sumpin' Else live with Jim Titus.

And of course, the beautiful Christmas music you've loved can now be enjoyed on WJEJ. All the music you love and all the personalities you've enjoyed throughout the years. They're all still here on your AM dial at 1240 AM WJEJ.

Thanks again for your letters. Give us a chance to serve you even better as your new hometown "Swingin' Easy" radio station, Classic Radio on 1240 AM WJEJ.

Joanna Staub


Beer and snacks send in the frowns

To the editor:

I attended the Judy Collins concert at The Maryland Theatre, and it was absolutely wonderful.

I do have a complaint with The Maryland Theatre, however, which concerns allowing patrons to eat popcorn, candy and drink alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages inside the theater.

Any consumption of food or beverage should be done in the lobby only. Patrons who pay to see performances of this quality should not have to be disturbed by people chomping on popcorn, rattling candy papers and spilling drinks - this is not a movie house, and should not be treated as such, during live stage performances.

I was disturbed by an entire family sitting directly behind me who was more concerned about guzzling from their beer cans, than watching Collins perform. They were all intoxicated and obnoxious.

I would like to see The Maryland Theatre come up to standards of any other professional theater and not allow the consumption of food or drink, other than in the lobby during performances.

Preston Norris


Thanks to many, 'Bags of Plenty' drive a success

To the editor:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Food Resources Inc. (FRI), the professional staff and the agencies and families we serve, I want to thank the schools, businesses and citizens of Washington County for making our Holiday Bags of Plenty Food Drive a tremendous success.

The drive collected a total of 53,270 pounds of food, which is 12,000 pounds greater than last year. The school district's participation, called Kids Helping Kids, was the most successful ever bringing in 19,639 pounds, which is almost double last year. The TruServ Distribution Warehouse was the top corporate participant, collecting 6,350 pounds of food from its employees.

Even in a booming economy, the demand for food by our member agencies continues to grow. Last year, over 21,000 families received emergency food from food pantries in Frederick and Washington counties, the largest number ever. The Bags of Plenty Food Drive is our largest food drive of the year and specifically helps needy families during the holidays.

This massive effort would not be possible without the dedicated support of area grocery markets and our corporate sponsors: The Herald-Mail Company, M.S. Johnson Company, Tristate Electrical Supply, CellularOne, Certain-Teed Corporation, Allfirst Bank, American Express Tax and Business Services and your area truckers.

Thanks again from Food Resources.

Bradley N. Sell

Executive Director

Food Resources, Inc.

Thanks to all who gave to coat drive

To the editor:

On behalf of the Donald Edwin Thompson Funeral Home of Clear Spring, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to those who contributed to our first coat drive for the needy. Many area residents donated hundreds of used and newly purchased coats, hats, scarves and gloves. All the items were arranged and displayed in a chapel area of the funeral home for the public to view. A week of distribution took place and many of the items were taken for needy.

The community outreach and support was truly amazing and overwhelming. A lot of people received warmth and happiness because of everyone's kindness shown. A special thanks to all our employees and friends who donated their time and efforts to support such a worthy cause.

Thanks again to all for such a successful and overwhelming response that helped the needy.

Sharon Thompson Shupp

Robing Thompson Shirley

Clear Spring

This community truly does care

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