Two sentenced on DUI charges

January 10, 2001

Two sentenced on DUI charges

By STACEY DANZUSO / Staff Writer, Chambersburg

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Two multiple drunken-driving offenders received harsh sentences with special provisions in a Franklin County court Wednesday.

Marc B. Osman, 27, 222 Hartzel Drive, Fayetteville, Pa., will spend eight months and five days to 23 months in Franklin County Prison, and is barred from frequenting his favorite bar while on probation.

"All three involved Dilly's. Dilly's is off bounds for you," said Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge John Walker. He ordered Osman to stay away from the establishment at 642 Lincoln Way West in Chambersburg as a condition of his probation once he completes his sentence.

Osman pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol in March 1999, and July and August of 2000.

He also pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license in connection with the second and third offenses.

That charge carries a mandatory 90-day sentence and $1,000 fine.


Walker also imposed a five-day to six-month sentence for the first DUI, a 30-day to six-month sentence for the second one and a 30-day to five month sentence for the third.

Walker said he fashioned his sentence to allow Osman to stay in the county jail and be eligible for work release.

Osman is employed at an area distribution company as a forklift operator.

"I don't know if I'd want a forklift operator with three DUI's though," Walker said. "It's a harsh sentence, but you earned every day of it."

Walker also imposed a 32-day to 23-month sentence on a 19-year-old Mont Alto, Pa., resident who was caught drinking and driving twice in one week last February.

Shawn David Sullivan, 216 Reynolds Ave., was sentenced to from 48 hours to 11 months in Franklin County Prison on the first charge and 30 days to 12 months on the second.

Walker also imposed special stipulations on Sullivan's sentence.

He said the parole board will work with Sullivan to find him a job in the work- release program and monitor him while he is on probation to make sure he keeps the job and pays his parents $40 a week in room and board.

"You're 19 and not working. It's time you start paying your parents rent," Walker said.

He also scolded Sullivan for drinking and driving only six days after he was first caught and told him he wanted him to "get a taste of what jail is like."

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