County adds to 2001 goal list

January 10, 2001

County adds to 2001 goal list

By SCOTT BUTKI / Staff Writer

The Washington County Commissioners Tuesday made two additions to their list of tentative county goals for 2001.

The commissioners discussed the list for an hour but did not adopt goals.

They are scheduled to adopt the goals later this month, County Administrator Rodney Shoop said.

Once the list has been approved, county officials will figure out an action plan for each item.

The commissioners discussed most of the goals at an October meeting.

Two new goals proposed Tuesday call for:

-- Developing and establishing a marketing plan for the airport and vicinity that includes commercial air service.

-- Developing a plan to improve the county's bond rating.

The other proposed goals are to:

- Have staff and the Washington County Planning Commission complete and forward the revised Comprehensive Plan to the Board of County Commissioners. It will be available to the public this year.


The Comprehensive Plan lays the groundwork for the county over the next 20 years, especially in areas of land use, growth management policy, roads, sewers and sensitive environmental areas.

-- Establish priorities for Emergency Services Committee recommendations, although the priorities will not necessarily be implemented in the coming fiscal year. An Emergency Services Committee has been examining and compiling suggestions on a consultant's report containing recommendations to the fire and rescue system.

-- Establish and adopt alignments for Rench Road, the extension of Eastern Boulevard and Funkstown's Hebb Road connection to Alternate 40. It is different from the Southern Boulevard proposal, which would bypass Funkstown.

-- Develop a plan to integrate the county's telephone and data communication technology, possibly to include some wireless communications.

- Develop a plan to identify facilities that will improve access to services through electronic government.

The project is intended to ensure residents and others can learn about and use government services through electronic means, particularly the Internet.

-- In cooperation with the Board of Education, evaluate school facilities to determine appropriate capacity and affordability and adopt recommended changes. The plan could result in the consolidation of some schools.

- Obtain state backing for U.S. 11 improvements to support the Hagerstown Regional Airport runway extension.

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