Mail Call for 1/10

January 10, 2001

Mail Call for 1/10

"Has anyone out there in the Williamsport area seen a male pomeranian, tan and reddish and with a red collar? The dog was lost between Clear Spring Road and Williamsport. If anyone has seen it, he goes by the name of Fluffy. Call 301-223-7644 with any information. This was a very lovable pet. Please bring him back home. A reward is offered."

"I see where they want to take Funkstown school and combine it with another school. It will not happen, Funkstown will not allow it."

"Why is it when in the grocery stores, if it is the last item that is on the shelf, why does it have to be destroyed or opened? What is the need for this? Is it because of some other jealous consumer?"

"The Interstate Highway Administration should make the states clear all the rights-of-way on the side of the highway and in the median of trees and any object that brings a car or truck to a sudden halt. Large or small bushes have a slowing effect on vehicles. I read in the past year, a great number of people have been killed on Interstate 70 and 81 from leaving the highway and hitting a tree, it either kills them or maims them. All trees and bushes should be removed. If not there should be a lawsuit, maybe a class action suit is the way to go."


"My name is Julie and my number is 301-790-3567 and I could use the cards. Call me and let me know if I am considered."

"To Amber and Bethany, I heard you have a baby brother, he was born on Dec. 29, 2000. His name is Logan. Congratulations, big sisters, be good and help Mommy and J.W. with Logan. Love, Nanny."

"To Mirah, contragulations, you are now a cousin for the first time. You can be a big sister, too. Love, Nanny."

"There was an accident on the corner of West Side Avenue and Washington Avenue on Jan. 3 between 3:30 and 3:45 p.m. If anyone had witnessed this, call Linda at 301-733-1631."

"Where can I buy Rinso Powered Laundry Detergent anywhere in the Tri-State area? We cannot find it anywhere any more. If you know where I can get it, call Mail Call."

"Does anyone know where the flu shots are going to be given again? I was going to get it this week and the doctor told me that they aren't giving them any more."

"Debbie at 301-733-6284 would like very much to have the old Christmas cards that you don't want to throw away."

"I am looking for a lady who sells Avon in the West End. Her first name is Shirley, I misplaced her phone number and I don't know her last name. Call me at 301-797-0065 if you know her last name and a phone number."

"Thanks to all the people who did so well in replying to my request for calendars for the Western Maryland Center. You did an excellent job. I received an adequate amount and I want to give you a great big thanks for your concern. Thanks, thanks and thanks."

"IHOP is a restaurant called International House Of Pancakes, located off of Garland Groh Boulevard at the Centre of Hagerstown."

"I would like to express appreciation to the person who hauled away an old air conditioner and a pile of trash from the side of the road at the railroad tracks, just outside of Williamsport. It had been dumped by some other thoughtless person. It is appreciated and enjoyed by many of us people who travel and live near there. The country around Williamsport is beautiful and it is people like you that make it a pleasure to live here."

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