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January 08, 2001

Letters to the Editor 1/9

Antietam center signal is goofy

To the editor:

When a contractor installs a traffic signal as part of a site development project, I believe that it is that company's responsibility to ensure that the signal is properly set up and integrated into the overall traffic signal system so as not to impede the flow of traffic on the main travel road. That sounds logical, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, when a traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Conrad Court and Eastern Boulevard last fall, this was not done.

The traffic signal was installed, I suspect, as a part of the construction of the new shopping center called The Center at Antietam at the intersection of Eastern Boulevard and the Dual Highway. The major tenant in that shopping center, at the present time, is Weis Super Markets.


Often times, I have been stopped at that traffic signal light with absolutely no traffic from either Conrad Court or the center, while the signal goes through what appears to be an entirely timed cycle.

I have noticed, too, that it also seems to back traffic up to the intersection of Eastern Boulevard and the Dual Highway since it is out of sequence with that traffic signal.

This is ridiculous! In fact, a number of other people seem to agree, since I have seen a number of people ignore the signal and drive through it when it is red.

I ask that the City of Hagerstown force the contractor to get that traffic signal set up so that it changes only when traffic is present on Conrad Court.

It should also be integrated, as soon as possible, with the traffic signal at the intersection of Eastern Boulevard and the Dual Highway (which is probably a state traffic signal).

Donald F. Hoffman


Bush will be a disaster

To the editor:

Giving George W. Bush the presidency was a colossal mistake. His administration will usher in America's end to a new beginning.

Once all the family archives are opened and made public, history will judge the Bush dynasty honestly and fairly, but unkindly.

Theodore A. Schendel

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Citicorp, families provided Christmas

To the editor:

I want to thank personally Citicorp and the special people who took food and gifts to families and provided a Christmas for area families.

Many businesses and local people go unnoticed for all the many blessings they provide during the Christmas holidays. We have a ministry called "Our Father's Ministries." We get local families who are working families who are having financial difficulty, or who are ill, and we adopt the families to Citicorp and local families wanting to share their love during the season. It has been five years that they and others have been doing this, and every year they go above and beyond!

To see these families' faces when they receive their gifts, food and gift certificates is to understand why we are to give rather than receive. God is so good! So to Citicorp and the families who adopted these families in need, thank you and may you be blessed this year and for years to come! Thumbs up to you all!

Jeff and Tonya Schroyer


Bartlett an 'intellectual giant'

To the editor:

We in the 6th Congressional District are blessed to have the Honorable Roscoe Bartlett as our representative in the House.

Bartlett is not only a brilliant student of our Constitution, but an intellectual giant who truly loves our country. Those who know him will tell you of a kind, gentle, compassionate man with a sense of humor. Future generations will call him "the Thomas Paine of our generation."

We in Washington County are doubly blessed by having his county office staffed by lovely ladies. These ladies have the same standard of devotion to duty as Bartlett. Again I say, we in Washington County are blessed. We owe these people a sincere thank you, and well done.

Eric Husseini


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