For a wheelie good time, try roller skating

January 03, 2001

For a wheelie good time, try roller skating

By KATE COLEMAN / Staff Writer

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Family Skating Center*

17333 Virginia Ave.



Starland Roller Rink*

800 Park Road



Cosmic Skating

111807 Buchanan Trail East

Waynesboro, Pa.

This new roller rink is being built and is expected to open Sunday, April 1.


* The Hagerstown roller rinks have a variety of skating sessions. Private parties may be scheduled. Rental skates are available. Call for information.

Father & Daugher skate

Skating rink

It's winter. The holidays are over.

What to do? What to do?

How about roller skating? It's something you can do by yourself or with family and friends.


There are a few local rinks and plenty of opportunities to glide on smooth, wooden floors. You can get some exercise and feel the breeze created by your own graceful - or not so graceful - strides. Float along with the music, feel like a kid again or just be a kid.

Albert Wright of Hagerstown spent a recent afternoon at Starland Roller Rink in Hagerstown with 7-year-old Carlie Setlock, the daughter of a friend.

How'd he do?

"I guess not bad," he said. "I haven't broken anything."

Wright, 37, said skating is a really pleasant way to spend the afternoon. The price of admission wouldn't last long at an arcade, he observed. "I don't know why people don't do more of this," he said. He'll definitely be back.

Debbie Thompson was at Starland with her three children, her mom, Celestte Harvey, and 6-year-old nephew visiting from Ocean City, Md.

Thompson skates with her kids about three times a year. She was happy to find the rink after moving to Smithsburg four years ago.

Until her recent trip to the Hagerstown rink, Harvey hadn't skated in 25 years. She was happy to report that she hadn't fallen.

"I just love skating," said Bill Rishel, owner of Family Skating Center in Hagerstown. He skated two or three times a week and worked part time at the 30-year-old rink before buying it three years ago.

"People underestimate the family fun that's in skating today," he said. It's an opportunity for parents to participate with their kids - not just sit along the sidelines, he added. Family Skating Center has games that include parents - even if they are not skating, Rishel said.

Skating has been a family activity as well as something Leo and Joan Komorowski enjoy as a couple. The Hagerstown pair met at Starland Roller Rink in 1969. They married in 1977, a second marriage for both, Joan Komorowski, 63, said. Some of the 11 children and 24 grandchildren they have between them also have skated at Starland. "It's the greatest place in the world to raise a family," she added. The Komorowskis are accredited instructors and judges.

Joan Komorowski hasn't skated since her back surgery last year, but she plans to be back on skates within a couple of months. She and her husband, who worked as a "skateboy," clamping on skates at a Pittsburgh rink, appreciate skating for the exercise it provides.

Since his wife's surgery, Leo Komorowski, 71, has done solo versions of the ballroom dancing on skates they usually enjoy together. The fox trot is his favorite, he said.

"I like the music - the flow of the music. It's romantic."

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